Marketonix – To Create More Leaders in Dynamic Volatile IT Market

Marketonix - To Create More Leaders in Dynamic Volatile IT Market
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Designation: Director
Founder Year: 2012
Country: India
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Leads By Example Not To Create Followers But To Create More Leaders

The global business landscape is constantly evolving. In a dynamic and volatile market where “Change” is the only constant factor, innovation, transformation, and leadership are crucial for organization’s to expand their boundaries.

Today’s entrepreneurs are faced with a new wave of challenges. Business and technology innovation are deeply connected and the need for technology-oriented business transformation services is rapidly increasing. Entrepreneurs with the right combination of strong business acumen and technical expertise are crucial to ensure corporations survive. One such game changer is Braja Kishore Pradhan – An thoughtful and influential entrepreneur who has made a mark in the start-up eco space with the launch of MARKETONIX SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, which is headquartered in Bangalore.

What About Founder?

Braja Kishore has 10 years of experience across diverse domains. The cross-functional skills that he gained in his career across various sectors – from to IT to Digital Recruitment to Education Sector to Health Industry have helped him to have a holistic approach to solving sector-specific business contingencies.

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An academic background in management – EPDM (XLRI) Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur, PGDM (Marketing & RM), (CSREM); DSLM, Indian Institute of Logistics, Chennai; B.B.M, North Orissa University, Odisha along with a technical A-level Certificate, DOEACC, New Delhi has enabled Braja Kishore to position himself as a techno-managerial professional.

Why Marketonix?

Braja Kishore came up in his career the hard way. His is a classic case of rags to riches. Coming from a humble background in rural Odisha, he turned his childhood passion for entrepreneurship into a successful business venture. Through sheer grit and determination, he progressively scaled an outstanding career path and moved into leadership positions.

Having worked in the bigger cities throughout his career, he could easily read the pulse of the market. He realized that most start-ups ended even before they could start due to various reasons – unable to secure funds, higher operational costs, lack of technical expertise, and non-availability of guidance during crucial stages.

As an entrepreneur, he could relate to the struggles of the start-ups. Nobody guided him earlier in his career, he learned from his mistakes. He did not want startups to go through the same experience and wanted to share his expertise with them & support them. This led to the establishment of Marketonix.

Marketonix has a simple philosophy – Helping Startups Grow; Your Success Is Our Success

Challenges As An Opportunity

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Entrepreneurship is about looking at challenges as an opportunity and not as a barrier. Starts-up often faces a cash crunch and must proactively manage the budget and planning to ensure continuous cash flow. Convincing top-notch talent about a successful career path with Marketonix is a challenge in itself. Time management, a delegation of work, strategic marketing, and aggressive sales campaigns are crucial for successful business operations.

Braja Kishore believes in taking calculated risks to overcome challenges. When people around him are filled with self-doubt, he encourages them to look at the bigger picture, convinces them about the power of a single idea, and motivates them to think differently & pursue the idea to realization.

Strategic Marketing

Braja Kishore is passionate about driving strategic marketing initiatives. He is focused on maintaining & improving the client relationships to increase brand recognition, resulting in customer and revenue growth.

Collaborative Team Work

Collaboration is at the core of business operations at Marketonix. Even during the hiring process, Braja Kishore ensures potential recruits are screened for their interpersonal skills. Employees are encouraged to collaborate and engage with their co-workers for problem-solving. Individuals may be assigned specific roles, but they would still be contributing to the overall project objective.

Client Servicing

Every employee adheres by the golden rule of business “Customer Is King”. Braja Kishore has inculcated within the organization an effective customer service culture – Give the customer experience you would like to have and the business would generate revenue for you.

Dynamic Leadership

Leadership is about optimizing the available resources. Braja Kishore empowers the staff to make decisions and be accountable for their actions. Such a decentralized management style along with an open door policy has made every employee feel like the Founder and treat the organization’s goals as their own.

Social Entrepreneurship

Braja Kishore considers himself as a social entrepreneur – doing business for a social cause. In fact, he launched the NGO – Aahawahan Foundation while he was still in college with an objective of being a catalyst for social change.

Encouraging Future Entrepreneurs

Braja Kishore has only one advice to all budding Entrepreneurs, “The Road Ahead Might Be Tough, But As The Word, Impossible Says I Am possible”. Dream big and work towards it with zeal, results would definitely follow.

Long-Term Vision

Braja Kishore has a long-term vision for Marketonix. He wants the organization to have a pan India presence in the coming years. For a professional who has always demonstrated outstanding work ethics, success would not be a destination but a journey.