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Making A Web Design Without Using Computers Is Possible

Future of Web Designing

Web designing is a vast field and creating a responsive website is not an easy task. It involves a lot of hard work. We need to have a good template, perfect positioning of services, products, it should look attractive and informative at the same time, and there are a lot more to keep in mind while web designing. But can you believe the fact that web designing can be done without even touching our computers or laptops?

It is hard to imagine right! But it is a fact that in future you will be able to efficiently design a website without involving your computers. Want to know how is that possible? Stay tuned with us because this article intends to give you every possible detail about how web designing is possible without even drilling our mind over computers. So, we will discuss following points;

Building a Website Design without Touching Your Computer

We are living in a technologically advanced world where every next day we can see a whole new level of digitization. You will be amazed to know how apps allow designing a website just by installing it on your smartphone. Yes, you heard it right, doesn’t that sound interesting and exciting.

Let’s talk about an App named ‘UNIVERSE’

This app was launched in March 2017 to help people create out-of-the-box website designs with an ease, that too without using computers or laptops. You just need to install this app and fill in all the details they ask for in the app, that’s it.

It has already impressed users and other people with its best offerings; it now all set to launch their ‘pro’ subscription services.

Pro-subscription services- When you subscribe this using your own domain names, you can easily get the accurate analytics for your respective websites and avoid the bottom-of-the-page branding in reasonable charges.

Now, why you will love to design a website from your smartphone?

First of all, like we all are very fond of using social media channels from our smartphones where we can access them anytime and from anywhere. Likewise, the Universe can be used from anywhere and anytime you wish to do your work.

Joe Cohen is the founder of this amazing app who thinks that it is not good to restrict website design to the computer because we tend to use the smartphone more commonly and comfortably than doing the same in the computers. He was actually inspired by HyperCard that was the first graphical creation platform, just like the illustrator and sketch.

This app-based website builder is a one-stop destination that works fantastically and you can actually see how everything on your website looks and you can actually aggregate everything and you can easily fit that in your Instagram bio.

There are plenty of website designs that have already been created through this web design app. According to Cohen, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are being loved by people, also offers limited creativity by allowing them to post images in limited formats, to write in only a few characters, and other restrictions. Cohen aims to give unlimited freedom for web designing via his app ‘universe’.

It’s all due to Grid-

We had a special team to test how this Universe app works and the team was amazed to see how simple it is to use the Universe. The end result that we got was beyond our expectation. Before designing a website, you get a number of questions where you need to tell what kind of website you are willing to make. Our team got many different templates to choose from, and it was a good experience overall.

I must say that Cohen has made the entire process an interesting journey. When you choose one template, you even get a chance to customize it according to your requirements. The editor in the Universe App lets us make an outstanding website. You can easily superimpose a grid in the layout of the website.

Follow Important Web Design Element

I was impressed to see that each and every block can be customized. For example, you can play with the videos, photos, texts, amp, links, GIFs, colors, or any other factors of your desired website design.

It is a must-have app for making a good website in a fun way rather than those traditional way of web designing.

The grid has been functional and is helpful for website design for a long time. As per Cohen, a Lego set is very much similar to that of the Universe’s grid system. You can get a suitable set of objects and you have got all the freedom to choose your favorites while web designing process. They have an impeccable capability to reduce the decision space, keep everything in order and lets them make an amazing creative web design.

The Universe gives unlimited and outstanding options to build a web design without any hassle, that too without even touching the computer.


This Web design app ‘Universe’ is a must try because you just need to install this app, answer all the questions about your desired website design, customize all other factors by putting filters and make a fantastic website, that too without even touching your computer.



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