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Looking For How To Turn Into A Passionate Journalist With Online Degree?

EduHub Gaurav Gupta 24 June 2018

Today conveying your opinion over an issue or topic is not difficult, there are many online portals or blogs available where you can write your view on the topic. But, there was a time when only people with a journalism degree or journalist with online degree expressed their views through newspapers, books or magazines. Today, anyone can write down about any topic and post it on Social Media. They can even comment or make changes on others blog if any. This tells us how the technology has grown in the course of time and also how advanced people are turning out to be.

How to become a journalist professionally?

Journalism can be anyone’s passion or profession. For random write ups you need not require a qualified degree or certificate. But for people with an only aim of being journalist they must have journalist degree or certificate relating their studies in that field to work as a journalist in a media or newspaper. If journalism is just one of your passions when you are pursuing some other degree you don’t have to worry, there are many online colleges offering degrees in bachelor’s in arts and you can choose journalism as your core subject under that.

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To get to know about online colleges you can just browse for best online Arts degrees and choose the college of your choice. By doing an online degree course you can get certified by international universities sitting right in here at your hometown. Doing internships and case studies can increase your confidence level and can help you become more courageous.

There are many colleges who offer variety of journalism courses.  People always believe in going for the best. Those who can’t reach out their choice due to financial or other issues prefer going for online universities and this option helps them get their degree certificates from any college. People who wants to pursue their degree from anywhere around world can just go online and search for best online colleges there. For example, if you are interested in getting a degree from a college in Kentucky you can go online and search for best online colleges in Kentucky, this can get you a wide range of colleges in Kentucky which offer online degrees.


A journalist must not be concerned of where exactly he works, but still his aim must be to reach one of the top media company, where he can shout out his words to a larger crowd. These are a few well known new agencies which rank overall the world.

British Broadcasting Company (BBC): It is the world’s largest news broadcasting agency with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

Reuters: This is also one of the largest and international news agencies famous worldwide. Headquarters of Reuters is also situated in London, United Kingdom.

Al – Jazeera: This is also one of the famous media agencies in middle-east which is owned by Qatar Media Cooperation’s. Headquarters of this media is in Doha, Qatar.

What a journalist should be like

A passionate journalist always must be aware of current events and issues happening around him. Along with that he / she must also be eager to know more about the case. Eagerness always helps you develop yourself and gain more knowledge. To become a journalist you must be courageous enough go in search of stories and must also be well confident and aware of how to deal with people.

Journalism can be earned only with high drive and passion attitude. Conveying your message to the world in the mode they want requires great writing abilities and this can be gained only by voracious reading and passion to write. Constant write ups even if they are small can be of great plus point in improving your writing skills.

Journalism should be done with heart and not by mind. A journalist must not be someone who rely upon others news or what he hears from others, he must be eager to find out his own terms in the issue. A successful journalist is always true to his profession and does not sink issues for their benefit. Reaching the truth to common people must be one of the ultimate aim of a passionate journalism.

Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta

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