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Art of Journalism- What,When,Where,Why,Who,How

Journalism Is An Art Of Collecting Answers To Questions Of 5W+1H I.E What,When,Where,Why,Who And How. Number Of Skills Which Are Required To Be A Journalist
Blog Manasi Agrawal 10 July 2017

“Journalism is an art of collecting answers to questions of 5W+1H i.e what,when,where,why,who and how”.

Journalism is a comparative yet highly rewarding field. It is the backbone of the media industry and has become the fastest emerging career among the youths.
There is a common saying that we always hear,

” The pen is all time powerful than sword.”

This is the basis of journalism. For a journalist,  his thoughts and his pen are the most powerful and effective weapon. Journalism is a proper way of communication between the news and the people.
The essence of journalism is not just reporting the incidents and happenings that are taking place around the globe but also unearthing, exploring the truth,which often is deep rooted beneath the surface.
Journalists are the people, who makes their lives with writing. Is is seen as the initiation point for those who want to further their interest in literacy writing and enrich their writing skills by doing their profession.

Number of skills which are required to be a good journalist:

1. Flair of writing

2. Ability to express his ideas and thoughts

3. Should be confident

4. Should have a courage to go out and take the story

5. Should be honest to it

6. Should have good command on his language of writing or speaking

7. Dedication towards their job

8. Ability to manage the crowd

Mainly there are two types of journalism, one which is done in print media and another which is done in electronic one.
Print Media includes newspaper, magazine,you could work as a columnist,editor, critics and a lot more.
Electronic Media includes TV journalism,report,investigative journalism,camera person and a lot more.

A Challenging Career – Journalism:

Journalism is a challenging career. This is not a job of 9 to 6. There is no limitation of work. You could be called anywhere,anytime and you have to reach there because that’s your job. The weather conditions also doesn’t matter, it could be raining,it could a dry hot summer day or a freezing day but you will have to go and report.
  So, journalism basically depends upon the principle of truth, editorial independence and confidence. By the growing trend of media and technology,people are being connected with the world affairs through radio, television,mobile,social media and the internet and these are a great effort of mass media.

At last I just want to say that, Life offers us two options :

• One is to enjoy now and work hard later.
• Second is to work hard now and enjoylater.
So,it’s your wish which path you choose. But choose wisely