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What Is ProRAW And How To Shoot RAW Photos On iPhone?

It is not far less behind than its other competitors in the market. It comes with a ProRAW feature, which enhances your photographs.
What Is ProRAW And How To Shoot RAW Photos On iPhone?

The iPhone comes with many features, for instance, the iMessage, hiding the app, etc. However, when it comes to taking the RAW picture, it is not far less behind than its other competitors in the market. It comes with a ProRAW feature, which enhances your photographs.

What is ProRAW?

ProRAW is nothing but one of the features of the iPhone. This feature is available on iOS 14.3 beta. It is readily available on iPhone 12 pro max. Now coming to the feature and the meaning of ProRaw- the word itself is explanatory. Basically, it means the picture off the sensors of the camera without any processing. 

But with the Apple iPhone, this feature does not only come with sensors, but you are also getting the smart HDR, night mode, deep fusion, and the bundling of all these things together to render a DNG file, which is the RAW file of the iPhone. 

You can make any changes to it or edit it according to your whims and fancy. Now, this is a fascinating feature since earlier one has to install a third-party app to get RAW pictures. Now with this feature, the requirement of installing the third-party app has been eliminated. 

ProRAW vs. Other third-party apps

This question is often asked by people as to which feature is better, the ProRAW or the third-party apps. Well, here are few comparisons for your kind perusal. 

Step- 1: It is an in-built feature in all pro series. You do not have to install anything for it. However, for a third-party app, you have to install the app itself in the first place. 

Step- 2: The format is balanced properly, since it comes with a lot of other effects as well, the HDR, night mode, etc., which completely enhances your RAW files. However, in a third-party app, or any other camera for that sake, you do not have all the features available. 

Step- 3: You can play with the presets, the color, resolution, etc., and then turn it into a portrait. However, this cannot be done easily on a third-party app. 

Step- 4: The clarity in ProRAW is better than in the third-party app. There are a lot of noises and pixel problems with the third-party app. However, with ProRAW, the image is void of any noises, and it’s sharp , clear, and can be adjusted according to your requirements. 

So as we see, ProRAW has got an edge over other third-party apps. However, it only comes with the pro max series and is available on iOS 14.3. So if you do not have the max series, you cannot enjoy this feature. It is no less than an SLR or DSLR camera. The pictures are very sharp, accurate, and relatively better than a normal camera. 

The features provided in them are quite fascinating, and you can definitely adjust the photo according to your requirement. These can be saved in the DNG file format. You can later turn them into portraits as well. 


This was all about ProMax and what all you can do with this feature. This is an in-built feature, so when you open your camera, you will see the option in the top right corner. Switch to “RAW” mode, and then you are good to go. You can try the third-party app and then the ProRAW feature to see the differences for yourself. Additionally, if you have not installed the iOS 14.3, do that because it is only available on that. 

This is quite an excellent feature. Let us know in the comment section if you’re thrilled to try out this new feature.

Dinesh Goswami

Dinesh Goswami

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