Name: Mihir
Email: [email protected]
Founder Name: Prakhar Shrivastava, Satyansh Tiwari, Mihir Gadhvi
Founder Year: 2016
Country: India
Investor Detail: Self funded
Contact Detail: 8898770224

Early in 2016, we’d obtained a good experience in writing articles, blogging and graphic designing, as it was almost a year running our blogs. We used to create animated featured images in Adobe illustrator to grab people’s attention on our blog 3nions. It was the month of January 2016.

An email was received from a guest contributor on our blog which changed our lives.

-“Excellent work mate 🙂 designer did a great job. Do you guys take external design work? Like creating graphics, images, banners etc etc..”

We’d never imagined that someday we will get paid for graphic designing work, the work which we used to do to make our blog look good.

It all begins on Adobe illustrator 🙂That’s why we named it illustrake.

After 3nions, illustrake was co-founded in mid-2016 out of a desire to solve problems through design. We cut our teeth working in the blogging industry before we started this company and it was like boot camp for running a business like this.

We learned about marketing analysis, SEO, brand development, creative personality types, tight deadlines, shoestring budgets, and DIY work ethics. We worked hard, encouraged teamwork, dedication, punctuality, passion and constant hunger for creativity. In late 2016, Everyone was thinking outside-the-box. We noticed the box was empty and moved right in. Now we occupy the whole thing with ideas so practical that they push creative boundaries.

illustrake Create Animated Featured Image to Grab People's Attention
Team – mates of illustrake

We’re a team of experts in Engineering, Digital Marketing, Design, PR and Marketing automation. We’ve meticulously built a team of real-world marketers who understand the integrated approach it takes to crush your goals. And we know how to have fun doing it.

We do this because love design, we enjoy working with good people, and we are allergic to poor user experiences. We just happen to be lucky enough to love it.

illustrake makes it simple and affordable to create high-quality visual content for your marketing campaigns. We pride ourselves on delivering compelling, digital marketing solutions. Our winning solutions and experiences help many of our clients interact and engage with their customers in the best possible way.