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How to Start a Medicine Wholesale Business in India

A medicine wholesale business can be one of the most lucrative and enjoyable businesses to start in India today. Get started and begin earning
wholesale business plan

A medicine wholesale business can be one of the most lucrative and enjoyable businesses to start in India today. If you have the right connections, it’s not that difficult to get started and begin earning profits right away. However, many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t realize how complicated, lengthy, and risky the process can be without first doing their research, which is why we’ve prepared this guide on how to start a medicine wholesale business in India.

What is the medicine wholesale business?

The medicine wholesale business is one of the most lucrative industries and has been for quite some time. At times, however, it is necessary to find legal loopholes that will allow you to sell drugs across state lines or even nationally. To start your own medicine wholesale business, you’ll need to find ways around these laws as well as set up relationships with suppliers and distributors so that when they purchase your product they will supply you on future orders. Finding qualified wholesalers and establishing strong relationships are crucial aspects of starting any kind of company so be sure not only to have an idea of what your brand is but what exactly it can offer at all stages of its growth.

Who Should Become a Medicines Distributor?

When you are thinking about starting a medicine wholesale business, it’s important to understand who should become a medicines distributor. The first thing you need to know is that anyone can become a medicines distributor but only some people will succeed. As with most businesses, location plays an important role in how well your medicine wholesale business plan does. It’s important that you have knowledge of medicinal products, healthcare systems, and government regulations concerning medicine before deciding whether or not to go into it. Before getting started with your own medicines distribution business you should research different medications and get involved with other people who are already distributing medications. You should also have experience working as part of a team before going out on your own.

What are the qualifications for starting this business?

Excellent knowledge of pharmaceutical marketing, product development, and sales. There is no specific qualification required for starting up these businesses’ most profitable business in India; however, there are some basic criteria you should meet before starting your business. These include: good communication skills, a stable education background, valid experience working in either marketing or development (ideally both), and access to capital – funding is essential for getting started.

Difference between medical distributors, wholesalers, and retailers

In business, it is often useful to think of parties as falling into one of three categories: producers, distributors, and retailers. Producers are companies that create products or supply services. The term distributor refers to middlemen or intermediaries that buy products from producers and sell them on, often modifying them (distributing) in some way. Lastly, retailers are companies that typically buy goods from distributors or directly from producers (and sometimes also serve as distributors), usually for resale. Examples of each include Apple (producer), Amazon (retailer), and Best Buy (distributor).

List of medicines you can distribute legally

A list of medicines is available as below: Anti-cancer drugs, Viagra, Skin lightening products, AIDS treatment drugs, Antidepressants, and sleep aids. Most companies need an Export-Import Code (EIC) and registration with Indian regulatory authorities. If you don’t have these documents, make sure that whatever business you choose is non-restricted by law. Exports come under several heads like – Freely Exportable or Open General Licence (OGL), Deemed Exports or Zero Report Exports, etc., How do I know if my product falls under any of these categories?

Required documents you need to set up medicine business

After getting health and legal support from us, you will require the following documents for registration with the business. Documents are: § One passport size photograph of all partners (up to five) § Cheque of Rs. 5000/- drawn on State Bank of India only for Registrar fees § Two copies of Partnership Deed executed and registered by respective Advocates at Supreme Court/High Court/Company Law Board Office and stamped with court fee stamp (Rs. 50/-). § Four copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association duly signed by all partners, where complete details shall be mentioned including partners names, address, bank account no., designation, etc.

Legal formalities required to start medicine business

In order to start a wholesale business, there are some formalities that are required. Prior approval from State Licensing Authority is mandatory before starting any business-related activity. The names of all persons who have more than 25% shareholding or control on business need to be registered with the Commercial Tax Office and a Unique Identification Number (UIN) needs to be obtained for each individual. This UIN has to be mentioned in all correspondence and official documents pertaining to any sort of dealings with government authorities. With regard to minimum capital requirement, it is Rs 10 lakhs for business-related medicine which is non-hazardous, and Rs 5 lakhs for hazardous medicines which include narcotic drugs and other things considered as ‘narcotics’ under Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985.

The cost involved in setting up medicines distribution business in India.

Setting up an online medicine distribution business might not seem like too difficult a task. However, you’ll be required to register your business, pay excise duty and VAT on every sale that you make as well as maintain perpetual inventory records of every product that you sell. Apart from these routine expenses, there are many other costs involved in setting up a successful business such as renting space for storage and having an IT system installed for effective stock management among others. All things considered, start-up costs may range anywhere between INR 3 – 4 Lakhs depending on the requirements of your business. However, with some basic knowledge and hard work, it is possible to set up your own wholesale medicine distribution business with little or no money at all!

Software for Medicine Management

The first step towards starting your own medicine business is setting up a software program. Getting your store ready involves creating an e-commerce site, using inventory tracking and barcode labels, sourcing suppliers, and so on. For that you will need some advanced pharmacy software that can help you manage all these activities and get your work done without any hassles. A well known tool for managing wholesale pharmaceutical business operations is Chain Drug Manager (CDM). CDM has many features including cycle counting, item master, POS integration, WMS inventory control and much more. All of these features are mandatory to run large scale operations efficiently without affecting overall productivity. This makes it possible for entrepreneurs to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction with their services by staying organized throughout every part of their business operations.


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