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How to Measure the Strength of Your WiFi Signals?

The presentation and performance of a WiFi wireless network connection depends greatly on the signal strength of the radio waves coming live out of your existing and new device. On the path between the connected devices and the wireless access point, the signal strength on every direction determines the data rate presented on the available link. No doubt that the Netgear Extender Setup can only be done if you have active and live Internet connection coming from the main router.

Well, you may also know the fact that single value shows the signal strength of 82 percent and another 75 percent of the similar ad matching connection. On the other hand, the WiFi locator possibly shows three bars out of five whereas other shows more than three out of five that (could be four). Such variations are normally caused by miniature differences. There are lot many ways for you to measure the bandwidth (data limit) of your network but such method cannot help you in finding the signal strength of your existing WiFi network.

Use in-built Operating System Utility:

Microsoft Windows and further added operating systems generally enclose an in-built utility to observe the connection of wireless network. Well, this is said to be the easiest and quickest technique to determine the strength of the WiFi network. On the other hand, in the new up-coming versions of windows, you hit on the small network icon on the very right bottom of the task bar i.e. nearby the clock that immediately shows all the active and available connections your device is currently connected with.

Also, there are five bars that clearly indicate the strength of the connection, somewhere one is the least poor one and on the other hand five indicates the best connection ever. You can never do the task of WiFi Range Extender Setup, in case you have the least poor connection of WiFi. There is no doubt that the range extenders help in exceeding the range of the signal strength to the area mentioned as “Dead Zones”. But remember, its configuration needs to be done within the range of router and the router supposed to be placed openly nearby your modem and the smart device.

You can even find this at the identical place in Windows computer by selecting Network and Internet >Network Connections page via Control Panel. In order to see the WiFi signal strength, just right-click on the menu/option Wireless Connection and select Connect/Disconnect. Once done, you can now connect one of your smart devices to the range extender and then type www.mywifiext.net into the field of address bar of any appropriate web browser.

Use a Tablet or a Smartphone:

Any smart device that is capable of using Internet Services has the option in the settings that shows you the exact amount of the signal strength of your existing WiFi range. If you own an iPhone, then you are supposed to go to the device settings and to WiFi, a step toward to see more option than the availability of exceeded signal strength and also the list of the available network connections active in the range of your WiFi networking device.

Well, there is also a comparable method that can be used to locate and discover same on tablet/android or any other smart device that you own. Just go to the settings>WiFi, or the network menu.

Open your Wireless Adapter’s Utility Program:

Various manufacturers of device Wireless network hardware, notebook computers provide and supply their own software applications that also supervise and observe the signal strength of wireless signals. On the other hand, the operating system utility and the vendor hardware may flash the same information in dissimilar and different formats. Like a connection with the 5-bar ratings in Windows could possibly show in the vendor software as admirable and superb with the percentage that increase it ratings more than 80-100 percent.

WiFi Locators Are Another different Option:

Do you know that the WiFi locator device is specially designed to scan radio frequency in the local area and also spot the signal strength of entire wireless access points active nearby. WiFi locators exist in the form of small hardware gadgets that are designed to be fit on a keychain perfectly. Note: The WiFi locators never measure the strength of your genuine network only calculate the strength of an active connection.