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How to Disable Automatically Apps Updates Google Play Store

We hope that on your Android phone all the apps automatically updates Google Play Store if you want to turn off this automatically update the app on your Android phone then you have to follow this article carefully.
Now the question is why Google automatically update the apps? the reason is to increase the performance of your Android phone and to increase the performance of the application. Google recommend updating the apps so that you can get maximum switches in the application.

The best thing is you can enable or disable the Play Store app on any phone either the Samsung for away or any other devices. Microsoft allows us to disable this feature if you do not want to get all the features of the particular application. Actually, these features allow us to use the device or application in a better way. For example, if you are playing a game and you download the game from Play Store. And, if you do not update the game tell you cannot access the more features more chapters of that particular again. To get more about the technology you may have to visit here techrapidly.com.

How to disable Updates Google Play Store

We will go through step by step:

  1. Open the Play store from your Android Phone.
  2. Click on the Navigation Menu on the left side.
  3. There will option name: My Apps
  4. My apps there click on the settings as shown in the image below now they will be an option of auto-update in the play store.
  5. In the auto-update option, there will more three options:
  • Do not auto-update apps.
  • Auto-update apps at any time, data charges may apply.
  • Auto updates apps over Wi-Fi only.

Now here you have to select the Option 1 that is: do not auto-update apps. if you want to choose auto-updates all the play store installed apps then you have to click on the second option.

How to Manually Updates the Play Store Apps?

Manually updates mean you resist some apps to updates and some apps to disable updates. For this, you have to go again in the Navigation Drawer.

  1. In the Navigation Drawer, click on the My Apps & games.
  2. In my apps and games, you will see that there is a list of download that app in the installed app. Now you have to click on the installed app it will show you the category of updated and up-to-date apps.

Now here which app you want to update it in the first, all the apps are in the order main menu. Moreover, If you want to update you can update easily manually by clicking one by one each app. If you do not want to update the particular app you can just keep that app.
If you have any other three or any other method to update just a girl in the Play Store then you can let us know in the comments we highly appreciate it uses feedback also tell us how you stop or disable the updates in the Play Store.

Another way to disable automatically apps updates in Google play store

If you want to get a writ of notification that allows my apps to automatically update then here is the trick you have to go to the Google Play settings. There is a selection for notification there are two options notifications on and notifications turned off. Moreover, if you want to turn off the notification just click or toggle this option to turn off this option. And you will get a right off automatic updates in the Play Store.