Holimate: Find Your Travel-mates | Find Your Travel partners

holimate startup story
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://holimate.co/
Designation: CMO
Founder Name: Marvin
Founder Year: 2017
Country: India
Contact Detail: 7310652115

It’s strange world! There are billions of people all around but yet we are alone. We always struggle to find the “true friend” of common interest. So, keeping that in our mind Holimate began their journey with the emerging idea of providing a trustworthy online social platform for the travel addicts. Holimate connects all of the travel lovers and explorers around the globe.

Holimate is the creation of Mr Marvin a renowned  travel lover who explored the amazing nations of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Holimate aimed for creating such a place where it doesn’t matter where you live, what you do or how strong your financial condition is. Here everyone can win an opportunity to fulfil the dream to discover the scenic beauty of this mysterious world with their perfect travel buddy.

We believe in simplicity with the touch of creativity. Both Holimate site and app have been designed for easier access. Anyone above 18 years old can sign up and register to begin their new journey to make an international travel community. We always encourage our users to share their experiences, interests, genuine personal information and more importantly financial background so that all the users can have an initial idea about one another.

Our main goal is not only assisting our users to find a company but also making their dreams come true irrespective of financial condition. So, here a user can find another travel lover who is ready with full sponsorship or the users can split the expenses with their partners; moreover, one can invite their foreign friend and can act as a local host.

Our expert team works real hard to assure that all the users and their shared information are genuine. We encourage them to keep their profile updated on a regular basis. We also make it clear that one must get all the contact and other personal details before sharing the journey. We are determined to provide a scam free site to our users.

In our busy modern world where people are seeking for a perfect person to share their moments of joy, Holimate extends its helping hand to put an end to the struggle of life.