Headsup Corporation : toolkits to resolve the HRM and Branding issues

 Headsup Corporation came into the presence and aim to offer their human resource consultancy services to these emerging and growing startups
Startup: Headsup Corporation
Name: parul
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://headsupcorporation.com/
Designation: Manager
Founder Name: Sumit Kumar
Founder Year: 2018
Country: India
Contact Detail: (966) 793-9761

While performing in-depth market research, the founder of the startup, Mr. Sumit Kumar did many quantitative and qualitative studies in getting a good understanding of the problems and challenges faced by the SMEs and startups. The research showed that the major issues that most of the startups were facing were in the areas of Human Resources Management and Branding. The critical findings of the study were the challenges in HR management like the hiring process, insufficient training for employees, a substandard monitoring system for the staff, and designing an effective appraisal structure amongst others. The founder of the Headsup Corporation decided to come up with a solution to resolve these issues faced by the MSMEs.

With more and more startups coming into existence, the need for HR services for startups has already started to rise. To address the requirement, Headsup Corporation came into the presence and aim to offer their human resource consultancy services to these emerging and growing startups. The Headsup Corporation was founded by Mr. Sumit Kumar, a highly motivated management postgraduate entrepreneur. The startup was launched in the year 2018 and since then providing practical solutions and toolkits to resolve the Human Resource Management and Branding issues faced by the new startups and other organisations.

The Headsup Corporation offers a one-stop shop for Human Resources Management, Digital Marketing needs of an organization. Whether it is providing the best HR consultancy in Delhi, suggesting an active online presence to your business, Headsup Corporation provides excellent and cost effective solutions.

With the subscription-based pricing model, the company offers different services and solutions to various clients as per their needs. The demands of the businesses are changing every day, and to cope with the rising demands of the market, the team of Headsup Corporation is bound to expand its products and offerings every day to meet the expectations of their clients. The growing client base of the organization helped them to successfully perform and implement many different Human Resources Management functions in a very short period.