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How To Get Rid Of Multiple Contact Entries In Your iPhone

Tech Update Apoorva Bhatnagar 11 October 2017
How To Get Rid Of Multiple Contact Entries In Your iPhone

If you own an iPhone then you must have found it a user-friendly gadget. It is having almost everything which should be there in a perfect PDA(Personal digital assistant). But there are some features which are still missing on your iPhone. If you have synced contacts on your iPhone from multiple accounts then you might have found yourself getting messed with the duplicate contacts. For sure you would like to delete them but unfortunately there is no straight method to delete multiple contacts on iPhone. Either you need to take help of iCloud for this purpose or you can do this by using a third-party application. In this article you we are describing both methods.

#1. Deleting multiple contacts using iCloud:

Web version of iCloud can be used to perform multiple tasks on your iPhone you can manage your photos, lock your device and can do many things. Managing contacts is one of them so let us find out how multiple contacts can be deleted using iCloud.

  1. Open the website icloud.com
  2. Use your apple id and password to log in.
  3. Next you will see web menu of iCloud.com here you will find many options such as find my phone, Contacts photos etc. choose contacts from these options.
  4. From here you will be able to delete multiple contacts on your iPhone.
  5. In the contacts, you will find the list of all your contacts synced with iClouds from here you can select multiple contacts by ctrl + Click.
  6. Next click on the settings icon given on the left pane and select delete option.
  7. It will show you a warning message and after accepting it you will be able to delete selected contacts.

This is how you can manually get rid of multiple contacts using iClouds.

#2. By using a third-party application:

Using a third-party application for deleting multiple contacts is always an easy method. For this purpose, you will find multiple applications on App store but here we are listing 3 free applications which we have found best suited for this purpose.

1. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts:

The application is having very simple user interface you will feel as if you are working on the preloaded contacts app. Before proceeding further You can create a backup set for your contacts this can be done by the application itself. Proceeding further you can Preview and remove duplicate contacts. Application also allows you to select multiple contacts at a time.

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2. Tuneup Contacts:

Another best application to delete duplicate contacts in iPhone is Tuneup contacts. It is also a free application. On the first scan application tells you total number of contacts on your phone, Groups, Similar contacts and Duplicates.  Once you will tap to delete duplicate contacts it allow you to preview it, to merge it with another contact and to delete it. Application is also capable to find Zombie contacts. Here Zombie contacts are the contacts which do not have complete information for example contacts which only have Name but no other information are classified as name zombies, only has phone numbers are phone zombies etc. you can clear such contacts in just one tap or can add information to them.

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3. Clean Doctor:

If you are looking for an application for complete cleaning of your iPhone then clean Doctor is a one stop solution. From the home screen of the app you can choose what do you want to clean by using this app. From the menu, you can choose to clean duplicate photos duplicate videos, duplicate contacts and other junk from the device. If we talk about cleaning duplicate contacts then it is capable enough to easily clean all the duplicate contacts on your device. If you have lower memory variant then the it is really helpful to spare memory. Application is free to download from the given link.

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This is how you can get rid of multiple contact entries on your iPhone either they are duplicate contacts or the contacts which you do No more want to be there on your iPhone.

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