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Tech Update Amit Jat 29 March 2019

Your company brochure contains indispensable information about your products or services for your esteemed customers. It has all the details of what your business does and what special it offers in your niche market. But your brochure must show its content in a visually appealing way. That is why your unique brochure design turns out to be so important to promote your business.

Brochure designs matter a lot because you should make an alluring impact on your clients or target customers at that instant when a brochure is picked from the rack. Try not to let that moment go waste. Grab the viewers’ eye instantly and get them to read your brochure from start to finish. Your brochure should reflect your brand, its values and qualities. It should assist your business win their trust.

Let our professional brochures designs handle your brochure work. They comprehend your design needs very well. They have expertise in designing a variety of various brochures including half-fold, classic tri-fold, single gatefold,
double-gatefold, four-panel fold, etc. Work with the designers closely to get personalized professional brochure design solutions.

Always keep in mind the power of a good brochure. They give the basic background to your business and answer common questions in a quick, friendly manner.

• Gradient Square Brochure Template

Emerge with this unique square design. This Illustrator template includes a clean, modern design with free fonts and placeholders for all your content and images. Simply switch out the cover photo for a print-ready brochure.

• Landscape Brochure Template – 16 Pages

Your brochure should be as exquisite as your work. Take this template, for example. It incorporates a modern landscape design with 16 pages for all your company’s information. Browse the various layouts to adjust this template to your style.

• Clean Brochure / Catalog Template

Minimalist professional brochure designs give all the information you want in a convenient, sleek package. And this astounding template is no different! Enjoy a perfect design that features 30 pages, editable layers, and two color options.

• Crimson Brochure Template

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary brochure! Create impact with a stunning design that enables you to present your company perfectly. Enjoy this Adobe InDesign package complete with 16 exceptional layouts, print-ready colors, and standard print sizes.

• Red Brochure Template

Bring your business to the next level! This professional brochures design features 16 unique pages and print-ready files. Also, it’s created with Adobe InDesign, so you can alter this template effectively using the fully editable placeholders.

• Business Brochure Template

Simply drag and drop your photos for an exquisite brochure in minutes! This professional brochure design is available in multiple versions of Adobe InDesign. Also, you can enjoy premium perks like print-ready files and more with this wonderful package!

• Multipurpose Brochure Template – 16 Pages

A moderate design may be just what you need. This corporate brochure package includes a clean, professional design available in A4 size. It’s a print-ready file that’s easy to customize and even incorporates helpful bleed lines for your

• Blue Business Brochure Template

Include shades of blue into your brochure package for a pleasant calming effect. This modern template includes a clean, corporate design with well-organized layers, text placeholders, and so much more! Explore the convenient help file also included for more information.

• Creative Solution Brochure Template

Add a creative twist to your brochure cover with this dazzling geometric design. This brochure template incorporates two cover options, master pages, and awesome free fonts in one easy-to-utilize InDesign file.

• Trifold Brochure Template

You can never turn out wrong with a classic tri-fold brochure. This awesome template completely supports one Adobe InDesign file that is easy to customize. Discover more helpful documentation inside to guide you to your desired result!

• Business Report / Brochure Template

Create a keen business report with this brochure design. This design includes a 14- page brochure packaged with several convenient files that can be utilized by anyone. Appropriate for any business, get access to A5 and US Letter formats and high-resolution files.

And with loads of brochure templates accessible at your fingertips, chances are we’ve missed a few to add to your personal collection. Be sure to browse the website for other brand identity design services at Prime Scan!