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Firefox 2.0 for iOS Going to Brings 3D Touch and Password Manager

Tech Update admin 19 February 2016
Mozilla Has Got Updated Its Firefox Web Browser Recently And This Time The Update Was For IOS. Now, The New Version Of Firefox For IOS

Mozilla has got updated its Firefox web browser recently and this time the update was for iOS. Now, the new version of Firefox for iOS supports not only Apple’s 3D touch feature but also cam with other features like improved password manager.

This feature of Mozilla Firefox helps handsets to understand the pressure of pressing and perform several functions as per requirements.

Peek and Pop Feature of Mozilla Firefox 2.0:

Let us understand what is this peek and Pop feature of Apple which is now supported by Firefox too. This features lets an user preview a tab and at the same time take actions on the same like add to reading list, copy URL, closure of tabs etc. User can search results on the home screen and may also search for text too in any web pages via ‘find in page’ option. The same may happen just by pressing the text item for long, or from the share menu directly.

Password Manager feature of Mozilla Firefox 2.0:

Now, let us understand the new improved version of password manager too. As the name suggest, it is going to be really usefull for the users because the app would now allow users to edit the saved login details and also to do other manipulations. These changes can be made from login’s setting option.

Please be informed that Firefox has been released for iOS platform first in sept 2016 but since then company has actively added updates to its web browser to make sure that they fit competitive when compared to other known web browsers.

Now it has to be understand what about the reliability and the compatibility of the browser as per the exploring experience of the users.