FacsoKart: Factory Seconds Shopping Done Right

Startup: FacsoKart: Factory Seconds Shopping Done Right
Name: Ayush
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://facsokart.com
Designation: Marketing Head
Founder Name: Anuj Agrwal
Founder Year: 2018
Country: India
Investor Detail: Self-funded
Contact Detail: (931) 833-3851

With the rise in the number of online shopping carts, not many stores have been able to survive the competition. Many e-cart companies have been able to show some promise of making it big, but they could never perform long enough in front of the market giants. In search of a potentially significant brand, we kept an eye on the industry closely and came across Facsokart. Through this post we are going to tell you about this exciting brand.

The Beginning of Facsokart: How It All Started

History is the witness that every major product that is in existence today was created to solve one or more problems faced by the people. Facsokart is no different in that regard. The story of Facsokart began a few years ago when its founder, Mr. Anuj Agrwal, moved to Noida for setting up a business like many young entrepreneurs in the country aspiring to make it big.

A new place and new work together come with different set of challenges, something which Mr. Anuj also faced. It is not a hidden fact that furnished flats are painfully expensive, something which he and his partners also experienced. Mr. Agrwal decided to go for unfurnished apartments and rely on some renting services to take care of the furnishing needs. Such services were tough to find those days, and the quality of the furniture was nothing to boast off. Not to forget the non-existence of customer support of these services posed problems for their clients too.

All these difficulties inspired Mr. Agrwal to come up with the idea of a brand that has renting furniture as a central business model and not a side-service. The vision transpired into the birth of Facsokart in 2018, which is now serving its customers in the whole of Delhi NCR region already. The company has come up ranks in no time and became a trusted name in the furniture and electronics business in the area.      

What Does Facsokart Do?

Facsokart is one of the latest developments in the Indian startup arena. Launched in 2018, Facsokart offers online as well as in-store shopping of factory seconds products. There is a wide range of goods that one can buy on the Facsokart website. It is unbelievable to see so many products at prices as low as on this start-up.  In fact, in our time of researching different startups, we found that Facsokart had the lowest price tags on almost all the products that it offered to customers.

Why Do We Rate Facsokart So High?

When you look at the different shopping websites in the country, you will realize that all the major platforms operate in the same manner. From the selling strategies to the date of significant sales, everything is almost the same about these top e-commerce giants. With its arrival in the competition, Facsokart has been able to flip the script by bringing a refreshing way of shopping online.

The concept of selling second-hand products has been around for years. But most second-hand businesses involve selling used products. Facsokart does not deal with used products by the consumers for sale, but it sells the factory rejects with minor cosmetic differences and products that have been used as display units.

The company is not only focused on offering significant discounts on its products. It also ensures consumer satisfaction by putting the products under a variety of quality checks before they go up for sale. Apart from providing quality, Facsokart offers a year of warranty on all its products. Regarding customer services, the consumer response has been positive for the company. The returns policy of Facsokart is fair, and they are also flexible with it, which is rare to see among the competitors.

Products on Facsokart

Facsokart offers a wide range of products and that too at cheapest rates on the internet. Because of slight color or appearance blemishes, products often get rejected by companies. After fixing these appearance differences to normal, the product becomes as good as any other approved one. Facsokart offers such products at meager prices. On Facso, you can buy the Samsung 4 Star Refrigerator and other top branded fridges that can comfortably fit your budget. There are latest televisions and washing machines that you can buy on the website too. The demand for electronics never goes down in the market, and Facsokart is never short on providing offers to you on such products.

It is not just the electronics that Facsokart offers to its customers. It also provides furniture to buy on the website. From Sofa-set to dining tables, you can find everything on the site. Furniture available in the store is of high quality, and also comes with a low price tag and Facsokart warranty.

What Makes Facsokart So Unique?

Apart from the noticeable difference of selling factory seconds at meager prices, Facsokart has more to it. Let’s look at them.
Rent Furniture Online

If we ask you about companies that provide the option of renting furniture online, how many brands come to your mind? Not many, right? Facsokart does what no one else does. It offers high quality furniture, beds, and mattresses on rent.

Imagine throwing a party and having such a help to facilitate you arranging it. Being able to get your desired tables, chairs, and other furniture moved at your place, will help immensely during party arrangements. You will not have to waste your time finding for services and get everything you want by merely making a few clicks on the Facsokart website. The rent rates are wallet-friendly too. There are no delivery charges and the delivery team move furniture right in your room, without you needing to do any work in moving it. You can rent furniture in Delhi-NCR by using Facso.

Facsokart Warranty

Facso directly handles the warranty on products which are sold on the website. No other company in the competition follows this strategy, making Facsokart so unique. Warranty services are hassle-free, and the customer support department makes it sure that you have the best buying experience from the company.

Buyback Policy

Are you someone who likes to change their products way too often? If yes, then Facoskart will turn out to be your favorite shopping store. Products in Facso come with Buyback guarantee, using which you can get great deals on returning your product to the company. You can avail up to 75% of moneyback on the selling price of the product you return.

Facsokart Untouched

Facsokart has a category of untouched products in its store. The untouched products come with zero-defects and are of top quality. Despite being in untouched category, these products are still at the lowest price on the web. All these products come with the same return and buyback policy as the other products.

Challenges to the Company

Like in any other industry, Facsokart does face quite a bit of competition from other services. The company is still new to the scene and with the experienced players already around with an advantage of better funding, Facsokart must continue to perform as well as it is currently doing in the coming time too. The company shows immense promise and potential to be able to beat the major names with its offers, quality, and ever-trusting customer support team. Facsokart comes to us as a renting brand that stands out from the crowd by focusing on the quality and not solely on profits.  

What is the Future of Facsokart?

From the way the brand of Facsokart is rising, it should not be a surprise to see it become a future leader of the industry. Provided that the company maintains the same progress in the coming time, Facso is all set to take the top spot. The company also promises to promote the selling and buying of factory seconds, which is not the trend as of yet. One can expect similar models to be followed by new startups seeing the success of Facsokart.

Facso certainly has the potential to revolutionize the Indian online shopping industry. Have you checked Facsokart yet? What are your thoughts about it? Do let us know in the comments about your take on Facso.


Ayush Chawla is a tech geek and digital marketer. Get in touch with him here.