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How To Bulk Delete Facebook Posts On iPhone And Android

Only to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts On iPhone from this method. You will no longer be able to see irrelevant posts in your account. 
How To Bulk Delete Facebook Posts On iPhone And Android

The meaning of social interaction amongst people has drastically changed. Everything is on the internet nowadays. Several applications facilitate social media interaction. They provide a platform for people to know each other. One such platform is Facebook. Facebook enables users to share photos, talk to friends, and understand different people online. 

You can also share and see the posts of other pages and people. Facebook has launched a new feature that enables its users to see everything that they have shared. However, there is a lot of content online, which does not concern you. It is better to delete such posts. But no one can delete posts one after the other; it is better to bulk Delete Facebook Posts On iPhone. 

If you want to remove most of the content that you have posted on Facebook, there is an option to bulk delete the posts. It is better than deleting your Facebook account entirely. All of these functions can be performed in the ‘Activity Log’ of your account. 

Launch the Facebook application 

The first step towards deleting bulk posts on your device is opening the application. The Facebook application runs on Android and iOS devices; the layouts may appear a little bit different, but the functions are the same. 

Install the Facebook application if you haven’t from the play store or apple store because if you open your account on the browser, the bulk delete posts option may not work. 

Go to your Profile 

When you have opened your account on the application, you need to go to your profile. In the Home layout of Facebook, you will find your profile photo in a circle on the top left corner. Once you click on the profile photo, your profile page will open with all your details. 

Go to the Activity Log

On your profile page, you need to go to the ‘Activity Log.’. This tab is usually featured at the top of your profile page, but it may differ on Android and iOS devices. 

If you can’t find the option on the top, there will be three dots visible on the side of the profile page. Tap on this three dots icon, and you will find the option of Activity Log. Tap on it. 

Select Your Posts in the group 

Within the Activity Log, you have to go to ‘Manage Activity’ on the top. There are several options available when you open this bar, but to bulk delete the Facebook posts, it is necessary to sort what posts you want to keep and which ones you want to delete. 

When you open “Manage Activity,” there will be an option of ‘Your Posts’; click on it. 

Tap on the Filters option 

As soon as you click on ‘Your Posts,’ there will appear a long list of posts that you have shared.  You can filter them by date, category, people, name, and other log options. 

Once you have filtered all the posts, start selecting the ones you want to remove from your account. The selection will happen one after the other. 

Select the posts you want to remove

The posts that you have selected will be removed or deleted, or archived. Choose whichever option suits you the best. If you archive the Facebook posts, they will not get permanently deleted from your account, you can still see them, but other profiles viewing your account cannot see those posts. These posts can be dumped into the recycle bin as well. 

It will consume a few minutes only to bulk Delete Facebook Posts On iPhone from this method. You will no longer be able to see irrelevant posts in your account. 

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