Epixel Solutions: Make Everything Easy, From Blockchain To Exchange

Name: Sajin Rajan
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com
Designation: Cheif Business Consultant
Founder Name: Sajin Rajan
Founder Year: 2009
Country: India
Contact Detail: +91 9645090343
Where there is a will, there is a way!

All those sorts of things happened back in 2009 when my colleague launched a new start-up and a series of horror brought into our life. During that time I was working in one of the Alpharetta-based networking firms as an INC Engineer and was going through my notice period. I held my colleague’s back during this period, indeed it was so tough! And he usually says,

“It was rather tough than I thought but, I was tough too..!”

In my childhood, I always wondered how can the sky have these billions and trillions of stars, my mom gives me the answer that the sky is like a kaleidoscope and when we tilt it we can see various formations. Just like that, the sky resembles to kaleidoscope where the stars are a mere reflection of each other, I had something in my mind that day – once I will create a sky of stars where each glows brighter and brighter.

Noufal, that was my colleague’s name and we came to shook hands each other through my friend group. Once my notice period got over I came down to Palakkad, a place where I born and grown up and the new start-up was launched here only. And I became a part of it.

And then came our most talented young man to complete the group and rescue us from this tough period. He sorts out the issues at the beginning and made out a plan that can stabilize the journey of our IT firm. During the initial period we’re having clients from the native state and dealing with them was quite a tough round. Managing the deals was quite a game of shadows, as our primary point of consideration was always software development.

Dhanesh, he was always a bright spot with the ability to handle every possible situation in a calm manner.

From that start-up space which we established during the past years, it’s time to let it go and bring in a new platform where there is no compromise for technology, every business clients who shook hands with us will become the top among their competitors, most advanced and custom innovation to bring forward and the best part is that I love to establish our own brand in the world market.

Become a promising brand with worldwide customers and to make my dream come true.

Well, in 2015 I myself with my two other business partners Noufal and Dhanesh launched “Epixel Solutions” and this time we’re having enough experience on what to do and what not to do. Our aim was always to catch up with the big fishes and our dreams got lit up by having Mahesh as our first employee who creates an illusion with his designing ability. It was in Utah, our first international office launched in USA focusing customers from North America and Canada. Then, we grew up and strengthened our team, our first and primary package we launched is “Epixel MLM Software“. Now, our team looks like this,

We launched the package with a motto of making things easy for marketing based business with a specific plan and climb the heights in their business journey like Infinity expenses, Golden age millionaires club etc. Those were our potential clients and now in the middle of 2018, our portfolio is strengthening up. We have opened up our offices in Hong Kong and later in Switzerland too.

Well, all those times of start-up initial fundraising period we weren’t having the advanced schemes and all we were depending on were our personal bank balance and business loans. It took a great struggle to raise the money and the business loans weren’t getting approved at the first. We visited the banks over and over and the same result – “delay in approving”. At last, we have to loosen up everything and completely took every last penny to make our dreams happen.

“Struggle to exist” initiates after this time, having a winning run with new clients, successfully completing the project in the required time span, improving the packages with latest or up-to-date technologies, finding out new opportunities. After the successful run of MLM or network marketing package, we’ve now stepped onto Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency development, ICO development/services, exchange platforms and much more. We are flying all the way to the other part of the globe and setting up direct meetings with them. Recently, our new office has been established in Bayhill Drive, San Bruno, CA, USA. Our future plans look strong and excited to talk with you once we complete the beta tests.

“Well, this is my, no our story and I’m Sajin Rajan, co-founder, Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. And we three are not battling things ourselves; we have a team of most enthusiastic and good-heart. From developers to customer support team, our coordination is our strength and we’re happy to go forward with such a beautiful squad and I call it – Epixel Eco-system, more like a family. We rule and are open to a future with advanced technologies.”