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How to Enable Enhanced Safe Browsing on Chrome for Android

Measures like the Enhanced Safe browsing on Chrome substantially increase the protection against any unwanted websites and downloads. 
How to Enable Enhanced Safe Browsing on Chrome for Android

The escalating number of threats on the web requires a more advanced level of security while browsing. Measures like the Enhanced Safe browsing on Chrome substantially increase the protection against any unwanted websites and downloads. 

Chrome can proactively protect you against dangerous sites by sharing data with Google safe browsing on your android mobiles. This article presents the importance of Enhanced Safe Browsing and steps to enable it on your android.

Use of Enhanced Safe Browsing on Android

By default, Google maintains a blocklist of unsafe and harmful websites, which are updated every 30 minutes. However, there are chances of few threats to slip in through the time window. The Enhanced Safe Browsing solves the problem by deciding in real-time that the site you are visiting is a phishing site or has malware. 

What are the multiple types of unsafe sites and applications?

Enhanced safe browsing can protect users from three main types of applications:

    • Malware: In simple words, Malwares are viruses that are intentionally designed to cause harm to our computer or devices and the software it’s running. Safe browsing warns users against such malicious sites.

  • Unwanted Software: Many programs might seem like helpful downloads but bring unexpected changes to our devices. It also collects and transmits the private information of users without their knowledge and is difficult to remove. 


  • Social Engineering: It is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions that they normally would not. Its typical example is phishing, where a page tries to steal a user’s password and personal data. 

How does the safe browsing tool function?

  1. Once you switch to Enhanced Safe Browsing on your android, Chrome shares the additional security data with Google Safe Browsing for threat assessments.
  2. With the help of this tool, Chrome can detect: 
  • Uncommon URLs,
  • Scan the site you are visiting  
  • Also send samples of any suspicious downloads. 
  1. The data is temporarily linked to the Google Account if your Chrome is signed in. So, If a threat is detected on your account or browser, Safe Browsing can prevent any damage.
  2. It checks the URL of every page you open on your Android phone’s browser in a few seconds before the site is open.  

Steps to Enable Enhanced Safe Browsing in Android

  1. Check if your Chrome updates are the latest version:
  • On your android phone, go to the Play store and check for the latest update for Chrome.
  • This feature only supports Chrome 86.0.4240.114 or higher.
  1. After updating, launch the Chrome app on your android:
  • Go to chrome ://flags.
  • It will show a hidden section where many experimental features are available.
  • On the search bar, type Safe Browsing 
  1. Amble both the flags on your Android:
  • It will show two flags Safe Browsing Enhanced Protection and Security Section On Android.
  • Enable both the flags by selecting Enable from the drop-down menu below each option
  • Select the relaunch button on the bottom of the screen
  • You can manually close and then relaunch Chrome.
  1. After relaunching, go to Chrome Settings:
  • Select the three-dot menu on the top right corner to open settings
  • Now select the privacy and security option.
  • Tap on the safe browsing option inside
  1. Safe browsing will show three options:
  • Standard Protection: This is the default protection against harmful websites, extensions, and downloads. 
  • No Protection: Enabling this means no protection against any websites or extensions that can harm your Android phone.
  • Enhanced Protection: Select this to activate the proactive protection against any dangerous foreign websites. 
  1. After selecting the Enhanced protection option, tap the back arrow in the upper left 3 times to get back out.

Thus, with the activation of Enhanced protection on your android, you can enjoy safe browsing on your mobile with 25% less risk.

Dinesh Goswami

Dinesh Goswami

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