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You can now edit sent messages on WhatsApp

Change Log Of WhatApp Beta For Ios Available Now With Many Features Through Which You Can Enjoy Your Chat And Messaging On WhatsApp Messenger.

We all use WhatsApp for  messaging or sending image ,audio and videos. But from old version we have face some problem and now it will not be happen because WhatsApp is here with new version to resolve all older version problem .

WhatsApp beta version is available on ios

In tweet it totally clarify that ‘WABeta into also claim that thevchangelog with these,upcoming features ‘too is available  “change log of #whatApp #beta for Ios   available now”

What new version of WhatsApp features include ?

 1-  It will improved in possibility to mute a status .

 2-  It will include play Audio features .

 3-  It will include features to edit message which is already sent not most older messages

 4-  It will include features to backup your old messages.

 5-  It will also recover removed status .

 6-  It will include encrypting media in the backup .

 7-  It will also add low light mode for WhatsApp camera.

 8-  WhatsApp camera features will be automatic .

 9-  It will also add features to updates status .

10- It will also add features to recover old messages ,backup and many more things.

So new version of WhatsApp beta is with many features through which you can enjoy your chat and messaging.

Rupanjali Upadhyay

Rupanjali Upadhyay

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