Demystifying Data Recovery Misconceptions and Method


Can data really be recovered? This is a question that is commonly asked. A lot of misconception exists around the recovery of data. Most people do not think of recovering lost valuable data. Experts tend to suggest that this is because there is a ‘delete’ button on the keyboard and people tend to take it at face value. Data Recovery is very much possible, and it helps organizations and personals to recover some important piece of information.


So, what exactly is data recovery? Let’s take a deep dive into the data recovery software paradigm and understand the process better. In layman’s terms Data recovery can be broadly put into two categories:

In the first case, your computer/system is working fine, and you have recently formatted or deleted a specific set of files unintentionally. This in the industry is referred as a ‘logical’ problem. Then there is the ‘physical’ problem. Whenever there is an external or internal damage to the hard drives which has resulted in loss of system memory or in most cases complete failure of the system. In most cases, it is possible to recover data from both the kind of problems.


Data recovery is a life saver for people who run important chores online or on a system. So, how exactly is Data Recovery done? Experts say that it is just the way Windows and most operating systems are made. The system is made to offer high efficiency and processing speed. It is possible to permanently erase files from a system but is not done as it takes longer processing speed and time.


You will find many data recovery software free out there which does an excellent job of recovering your data. But, you as an individual or an organization must be extremely careful while selecting an apt software. Files downloaded over internet must be verified to have a reliable source, be it for Data recovery or any other use. That is the basic thumb rule. One has to be extra careful in selecting a suitable software. Remember, if the process is not done right, it could lead to permanently deleting your files thus making it near impossible to recover.  

As a thumb rule, the method used to recover data depends on the way data was lost. There are various different means by which data could be lost and subsequently recovered, let us take a look at some of these methods:

  • File Deletion: What many people fail to know and understand is that Data once deleted can be recovered in your system. Time is f great essence here. When you delete a file, the system keeps a copy of it in the memory until it is overwritten by some other data. Before this re-write takes place, it is possible to recover data from your system.

  • File Corruption: File corruption is one of the major reasons for loss in data. It is pretty common for users to get ‘File Corrupted’ message. There are methods to tackle this and recover corrupted files as well. Corrupt partition table is also a big reason for data loss. All these can be rectified by using the right software.

Data Recovery is completely possible if you act fast. Remember security is the key and one should be sure of maintaining the privacy of their data. There are many software out there that will help you in the correct manner to recover lost data. We as a user need to be cautious with the software we choose.