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Changes that technology powered in Coming Decade

With the passing eras technology is portraying it’s best version and we are getting amazed by its amazing inventions. Technology has formed amazing resources and tools, summing the entire world in the click of our fingers. Messymob like site bring you an article on- how technology has driven the world in coming decades.

The evolving technology has brought into limelight various utility products that is making man’s life easier.

People all over the world especially of the western zone are facing tremendous changes in their lives due to the evolution of technology. Whereas the people in the eastern arena are witnessing the slower and steadier growth in the field of technology.

In this article, we’ll summarise both the smaller and the larger details in the field of technology which transformed our lives transformed.

Firstly talking about the communication system there have been a lot of appreciable advancements in these field. We all agree to this fact. These advancements allowed instructors to spread knowledge to students in some location from some different location all together. Unlike past, there’s need not be physical contact to conduct a class. Both the learner and the instructor can connect and therefore communicate through different social media platforms and media such as YouTube and Skype.

The concept of media has changed for people with the development in digital technology. Today a  media company  is known as a company that takes the responsibility of spreading information globe wide.

Smart phones being one of theost popular invention of modern technology has become a great necessity in man’s life. As per the statistics, every day near about 2millions of smart phones ae being sold out worldwide. Not only this , using these smart phones the quantity of information shared via social media networks is tremendous.

While talking about these phenomenal inventions if technology we can’t only name Social mediaas the one having  impact on humans life. The mobile app store which is the root for all interesting apps, games where these days u can find apps regarding anything and everything is also having a huge impact.

Future of technology is more interesting than what is happening now

Till few years back when mobile technology did not advance so much, people would still go  through a dictionary to gain knowledge about the meaning of a particular word or phrase. Today, it has become an ancient habit.

Nowadays it’s easier to find anything and everything about someone. It’s not necessary or rather required to walk up to a person and ask about him or her. The only thing that needs to be done is to enter the name of that person in some media platforms and scroll through the profile. This way you can get all the required information and sometimes even more.

Currently, you do not have to ask someone so much about themselves. If you want to know about someone’s personality, and ambitions, background all you have to do is enter name online and scroll through such individual’s profile.

You’ll be amazed by the outcomes you get. Many people go further with the relationship. That’s a way technology has changed lives today.

Talking in scientific terms

  • Technology helped us in getting a substitute for Freon that was causing a substantial depletion in the ozone layer.
  • Human Genome Sequence had a cost of millions of dollars but these days a the complete thing can be worked out in less than thousand dollars. Yet it is a lot of amount. But with this we are able to quickly detect diseases and find their cures which was thought to be incurable a few years back.
  • Advances with smartphones over the years’ve allowed better access to information, medicine and education.
  • Since 2009 the cost of the renewable energies like wind and solar energy has reduced by an appreciable amount and all thanks to technology. Alternative oil sources will save the planet and help it recover from devastations caused by man. Electric cars are making donation of their part in lessening the fuel consumption around the world.
  • Get used to little robots, because one day you might need them. Science-Fiction is becoming a reality when little bots are introduced into your bloodstream to help you fight with certain types of cancer.
  • Drones became the helping hand for the farmers around the world helping in monitoring their crops well and deducing the destruction around the environment.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence power research and findings are allowing us to take decision related to the target audience consumerism. Future of technology is even interesting than what is happening right now. In a few years, we’ll be talking about robots and driverless cars working in factories.