CartNYou – A Black and White Business Model for The E-Commerce World

CartNYou - A Black and White Business Model for The E-Commerce World
Startup: CartNYou
Name: Kartika Sharma
Email: [email protected]
Designation: Human Resource manager
Founder Name: Mr. Neeraj Chopra
Founder Year: 2018
Country: India
Investor Detail: N/A

CartNYou Retail Private Limited is the venture of Mr.Neeraj Chopra. It is basically an e-commerce marketplace where the product or service information is provided by the multiple third parties.

In the advent, Apparelsnyou is also budding as a branch under the tree of CartNYou Retail Private Limited.

It has a motto of “What you see is what you buy”

Regarding the experiences of Mr.Neeraj Chopra, who has the expertise of more than 15 years in the field of electronics, IT and now in digital marketing as well. He has an establishment in China and as well as India. He spends most of his time in reading articles regarding the latest technology and e-commerce which also gives him indepth knowledge about the latest economic changes in the country.

After the clear saturation of B2B segment in the Indian Businesses, he quickly sensed the change and decided to expand towards the Digital Marketing sector as it was need of the hour and it was easily seen that the people are spending more time online rather than offline.

Formulation of the technology and Business Model:

He designed and formulated the technology for the same and he wants to give the additive prices and choices to customers, in order to this he tried to understand the customer behaviour and segments in which user behaviour spends the money. So, he deduced the main points and formulated his business model. And also technically speaking he planned a black and white e-commerce model, which adheres to every law changed in India too.

As we have also seen that e-commerce always gives an ambiguous picture to the users, it includes both customers and vendors.

But an influx of his knowledge gave him that pathway to formulate and develop a strategy of black and white e-commerce model.

It was in the nascent stage and is bootstrapped but CartNYou is open to all perspectives and for the funding part too.

Insights about Apparelsnyou

It’s segmented by the name of Apparelsnyou, provides an e-commerce model which aims at provides best after sales to both customers and vendors in the e-commerce sector. It is donned with fashion, luxury segment and it also articulates the brands under a single roof and offers customers complete buying solutions for brands along with the latest designs and best pricing. In all the segments the pricing has been an important factor and is managed pretty decently by the team.

Segmentation of e-commerce

Laconically, CartNYou has paved the way for the numerous more segments which will be enlightening every corner of e-commerce which swiftness and high revenues. It has further expanded into the mentoring for start-up segment as well, as it has been seen that the startup ventures are turning more and more into the marshy state, it is mainly due to the lack of knowledge and business model. So, CartNYou has created a business model before venturing into it as it was quite crucial.

So, the CartNYou is paving new path for the ecommerce world.

The article is curated by Neeraj Chopra, who is an avid reader and e-commerce enthusiastic.