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Can We Change The Current Technology Scenario With 3-D Printing?

Technocrat Gaurav Gupta 30 August 2018

3-D printing is going to play a significant role in the years to come. They will be the most important factors that help realise great potentialities in many industries of a wide range. The manufacturing industry will see a great change in the future. Of course, for this, many decades of innovation has reached 3d printing.

Competition and new investment are going to boost the new capabilities and would change the entire industry scenario. In this blog, we focus on 3-D printing technology in metal printing (direct-metal printing)

  • A great force to reckon with –

Direct-mental printing is going to become faster in getting the output and will play a new role. The metal alloys capable of being printed in 3-D are growing and the products are of very best quality. You can get lightweight and complex job pieces easily. It was impossible in the conventional design and manufacturing technology. With 3_D printing products for aerospace, mechanic, automotive industries will reap the benefits of 3- technology.

  • High-speed printing –

    For many years, 3-D printing has created accuracy and geometric precision. However, the process is very slow. With 3-D metal printing technology can print photo-curable polymers at top speeds 40 to 50 fold the speed of conventional 3-  printing system. The technology can make it completely new things, especially in urethane variants. You can make the output semi-rigid, rigid or flexible as per your need. These variations are found a variety of application in vehicle interiors, textiles, and athletic shoes and so on.

  • Laser sintering –

    Selective laser sintering involves producing parts from many different kinds’ nylon materials. With the entry of the technology, the process of production becomes faster. This will enable selective laser sintering to enter the mainstream of production processes.

  • The future ahead –

    Companies are likely to invest in the photopolymer system. A lead research firm expects photopolymer k3-D printers to grow as fast as 75% within the next two years. In healthcare and medical devices, 3-D printers are getting more popular in usage in making dental fixtures hearing aids, hip replacement parts and tools for surgery. For dental applications, high-speed photopolymers systems are suitable.

3-D technology is going to let loose the capabilities that have been held back hitherto. This will enable the industry to create more precise, fine, tolls, jigs, fixtures that was a remote possibility in conventional manufacturing technology.

Looking at the combined effect of advancement in technology, and improvement in computing power, next-generation robotic, a completely different industry situation is going to happen. The technology set up completely, adaptive, cognitive and mainly self-optimizing.

The use of 3-D printing technology is in use for several decades. Now it’s getting entry into other industries from its current automotive and aerospace sectors industry sectors. 3-D printers are getting more popular even in schools and public libraries. Today, children are familiar with 3-d printing software and hardware. 3-D printing is going to be a force to reckon in every industry in the economy for sure in the next few years soon.

Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta

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