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Billdu: All-In-One Professional Invoicing iPad App And Assistant

If you are a startup businessperson or your business has just started flourishing out to the masses and all you need is a professional invoice app to keep it all in order, you have landed on the right page, Billdu Invoice app is your all-in-one professional assistant, an accountant and bookkeeper for your business. All you need to do is buy it via credit or debit card or use PayPal for transactions.

Secure Payment and Records Management:

There are currently over 50,000 Billdu subscribers and more in the queue; about 80,000 customers have tried billdu invoicing software from around the world. It is a simple and easy to use tool to cater to all the business needs, be it smart invoice template creation, creating invoice from your mobile phone, syncing all your data throughout all your electronic gadgetry, knowing the exact time when a customer reads the invoice, fast and secure payments along with payment reminders and expense records and flowcharts to keep an eye on the monthly, quarterly, and annual profits/losses, everything’s there and keeps improving every month through a regular update system.

Recurring Invoice Statements:

The best thing about Billdu invoicing app is its simplicity and compactness, it is an all-in-one professional invoice app. No need for an accountant if you have Billdu. As they say, it saves time by creating recurring invoice statements as well as creating a new one in seconds to spare, everything gets synced with the cloud account, nothing to worry even if your smartphone gets lost or Billdu app is deleted, you can always login to your Billdu account and access the data seamlessly. The efficiency is the key to success for every business. There are faster payments, up to 9 days sooner than the conventional billing methods, it accepts online payments brisker than anyone.

PayPal and other app Integration:

For recurring clients, browse the previous bill and change it within the previous one, create a fresh duplicate and save it along with receipts, send it even when offline, it will execute the operation whenever connected to the network. There’s a Pay Button option for clients, it will make your job easier as clients will be able to pay instantly through Credit/Debit card or PayPal. The dashboard is lit with options and all-new features. There’s a track overview of all your paid and unpaid bills and invoices on the front landing page.

Portable, Multiuser:

The invoice bills and statements can be converted to any portable formats, most popular are Excel and PDF format. If there’s an invoice bill or receipt in paper format, click a photo and attach it to the invoice, it will help to remember the exact amount and inventory list. If you have an accountant, there’s an option for multiple users, share all the needed documents with your accountants or business pals, it will help manage the business in an order.

For international clients, Billdu Invoice app creates a professional invoice in 16 different languages and currencies, do not worry if you are dealing with a French or a Chinese customer, it will work with Billdu invoicing app.