10 Best Mp3 Downloader Apps For Android Device

10 Best Mp3 Downloader Apps For Android Device
Music is definitely something that keeps you going and one of the most effective ways for you to listen to songs on the go is to download popular music streaming apps. With the introduction of the smartphone, people have become more glued to the internet and they prefer listening to songs online rather than having them downloaded on the phone because not only does this take up too much space but it also makes the phone lag and work slowly. If you are looking for some amazing MP3 downloader apps or spotify premium apk download download without having to spend any money then here is a list of  91 music downloader apps & free legal music download sites that you should definitely get your hands on.

Google Play Music

The best part about owning an Android powered device is that you get Google play music for free. This app comes preinstalled with almost all Android devices but in case your device is a little old and you don’t have play music installed, you can simply get that installed from the app store for free. You are able to listen to some amazing songs using the app without having to spend any money and it even manages to sync all the songs stored on your phone automatically with the app.


If you are a music lover and you use an Android device then SoundCloud is definitely a popular app for you to download. This is one of the best apps that you can get in order to listen to the latest music and apart from being able to download the songs you can also stream them online. The app is easy to use and convenient that gives you your favourite artists without having to spend any money.


Android has some amazing apps for you to download but 4shared is definitely a popular and convenient app for you to use. There are a number of tracks that you can play and you are also given access to download the songs and save it on your phone in case you do not like to buffer songs over the internet.


When it comes to music and videos, there is nothing better than YouTube. This app has been trusted for years now and it never ceases to entertain. The offline mode and the suggestion list is the best amongst all the apps that are available.

Wynk Music

Wynk Music is one of the most popular music apps that you will find and it is easy to use as well as install. It happens to be a very convenient app where you can stream and listen to as many songs as you would like to and you do not even have to worry about spending money in order to get access to this song

Saavn Music & Radio

Saavn is a really popular app that you can get on your Android Play Store. If you love Bollywood music then this is definitely the app for you because it has a wide range of some of the latest Bollywood songs that you can enjoy grooving to without having to          use up any of the space on your system.

Download Mp3 Music

If you are looking to download MP3 songs for free then this is one of the best apps that you will find because it is very convenient and simple to use and it comes with an extremely convenient interface that is simple to understand. The app is available on the Android Play Store and it is free to download.


While there are tons of different music apps Spotify still remains the number one choice for people across the globe. This is one of the most effective apps that you can use when it comes to playing music because it’s known to play music the fastest and is also very user friendly. If you live in areas that don’t have very strong network this is one of the best apps that you should download.

Amazon Prime Music

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber then you will get to use Amazon Prime music for free but in case you are not, you can still use your Amazon account to get hold of some free tracks that you can download and save on your phone. The best part about Amazon is that if you own an Alexa device you can directly send the songs to your device and it will play it for you.


This is one of the most user friendly music apps and it will give you unlimited access to MP3 files to download without having to spend any money. The best part about this app is that you can now listen to song without having to use up your mobile data.