Appenics: 3 Years Old IT Startup Has Two Profit Making Revenue Models

Startup: Appenics Technologies Pvt Ltd
Name: Rohit Kumawat
Email: [email protected]
Designation: Director
Founder Name: Rohit Kumawat
Founder Year: 2015
Country: india
Contact Detail: (992) 942-9938

Meet Rohit, Founder of Appenics Technologies, a successful Jaipur-based entrepreneur who chose business over a high paying job.

No matter what people say to you, don’t lose your hope.

When Rohit realized that he wanted to start a business since then he never looked back and started working hard towards his goals. He laid the foundations of his venture in three-tier city in Rajasthan. Being an engineer from not so well-known college, he always dreamed something big for his future.

He shared,

I had always dreamed to own a company and help people with whatever skills I have learned in my graduation days. I took a less travelled path to achieve my dreams. It was not easy for me to choose entrepreneurship as a career when all my friends were preparing for a corporate job. Only the ‘Burning Desire’ made me choose to become a powerful and independent entrepreneur.

Today, Rohit Kumawat is the founder and managing director of Appenics Technologies Pvt.Ltd, a globally certified service company with a team of more than 30+ skilled and experienced members. Appenics is an IT consulting and service providing organization for next-generation business collaborates across the globe. His company believe in creating a new kind of technology ecosystem to help enterprises grow exponentially.

A Little Introduction of Entrepreneur:

Rohit Kumawat holds a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Maharishi Arvind Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur. He started Appenics three years ago from his home after graduation. He never worked for any corporate. However, he never thought to work for other dreams.

I have learned some technologies and business skills in my college days. I wanted to set up an IT firm where every team member has the freedom to innovate, ideate and build infinite possibilities to help our clients.

Rohit says.

A Start with Nothing:

Rohit founded Appenics Technologies Pvt. Ltd in 2015 with no money and no experience. At this time, he started to think about his startup and began with a business plan to clarify three things: Why he wanted to work on this idea, how would his company benefit other people and what resources would be needed to make it a profitable enterprise within three years?

It was a turning point in my life and career. I had enthusiasm and curiosity to learn about technology. I always believe in myself. Also, I had no working experience. As a result of that, I had faced many struggles while setting you my startup. The main pain point was to get more clients and generate revenue to sustain the business .

He began this entrepreneurial journey from a small basement of his friend’s house. Within one year, Appenics Technologies moved to an office with seating of 10 members with over 150 clients.

Appenics offers highly scalable and result-oriented IT solutions to diverse industries. With an extensive intelligent system, our strong team builds projects from scratch, helps with consultation, and also solve complex technology snags. Our only vision is to help our clients succeed by connecting them with our IT experts. Success comes only with hard work, customer-centric approach and organized teamwork.

Rohit explained about the company.

This 3-year-old IT startup has two revenue model to earn profit and manage in-house investments on products, marketing and sales.

Rohit illustrated these two models,

 In the first, we build a strategic partnership with other companies and freelancers on a percentage-based model. Here profits are shared on a mutual basis. The second revenue model pursues the web and mobile application development process from concept to delivery. Under this, we manage the client’s products and tools as well as handle the technical complications as an in-house tech team.

Difficult Roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations

There was no external support initially. But Rohit never backs down to make his startup into a successful private limited company. He used the bootstrapping model with the help of his elder brother. Last year, he registered Appenics Technologies under the Companies Act, 2013 as a private limited company. All the 30 team members of the company have completed almost 500+ projects of happy clients and developed almost 200+ mobile applications for product-based companies. Appenics has also earned notable associations and partnerships from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Acquia, NASSCOM, and more.
Initially, Rohit used to handle everything like sales, marketing, lead generation and development of products. After six months, he hired freelance developers for web and mobile applications developments. Now, there’s a batch of developers, designers, marketers and HRs.

Most of the weeks were spent at the office, used to sleep there due to a lot of work pressure. I usually come home late at night and worked countless hours until I hired a team of skilled experts. At the initial phase, no one wanted to work for my company and had to struggle with the workload. I have learned that Success don’t come easy, there is no shortcut to get it,

Think Big, Dream Big

Rohit has a passion and dedication to take full responsibility for creating more technical opportunities for startups and budding entrepreneurs.

Being an entrepreneur is a challenge that let you prove yourself and work on your ambitions. It gives a chance to become an influencer for future generations to encourage them to do what they love,

Rohit says. He also mentioned that,

When you try hard to do something your own, that time you have an opportunity to reach an extraordinary level of yourself. It is possible to ‘Think big, Dream big’ and achieve daily. That’s why, always allow yourself to take baby steps towards your aim and learn new things even If you are facing failures.

At present, Appenics works for different industry segments and serving in 10+ countries for web, software and mobile app product or tool development.

He also concluded by telling the future goals of Appenics Technologies.

In 2020, we will launch our two new products based on AI technology. Also, our company’s main focus to serve a wide range of industries in countries like the US, China, UK, Canada, and Australia. We are proud to be one of the most trusted technology partners among Industry leaders.