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9 Best Places For Foodies To Eat In Patna

Travel Vicky Rathore 20 February 2018

Primarily vegetarian, Bihari cuisine is quite similar to most of the north Indian recipes. Food lovers will also find some influence of Bengali cuisine in it. One of the best things about this cuisine is that it is quite seasonal in nature. Patna is one of the best city includes best places for foodies to eat. A typical Bihari plate changes from summer to winter. Also they have special dishes to try during rainy season. These cuisines are also very healthy as they include a lot of vegetables and lentils.

Some of the most popular specialties of Bihar include: – Litti Chokha – Extremely popular – Samosa – Kachori – Aalu Kachaalu – Bhooja – Ghughni Choora – Dahi Choora – Jhaal Moodhi – Peda – Kalakand – Anarsa – Tilkut – Khaja – Malpua – Thekua – Sattu-pani

So where do you have these mouthwatering delicacies when in Bihar? Here is a list of some of the best restaurants of Patna. These places hold the reputation of serving the best Bihari Cuisines:

1. Takshila:

The fine dining restaurant is an integral part of the Hotel Chanakya. You need to visit this place if you wish to gorge on some of the best North Indian food. The soothing ambience of this place will impress you. Also there is a huge choice of food offered here including Afghani and Mughlai dishes.

2. Samarat:

The restaurant promises a beautiful ambience and a huge spread of options on the breakfast buffet. Here, the menu includes a good variety of both North Indian and South Indian dishes. For those who love continental can choose from some of the continental choices too. The most famous ones include Bread Toast with Eggs and Garlic Bread with Cheese. The most favorite of all is the dessert section. It offers an amazing variety of Muffins and Pastries. People love the classy ambience here.

3. Bansivihar:

This restaurant is situated close to the Patna Railway station. Widely famous for serving the best South-Indian food, you need to visit this place when in the city. The powerhouse of flavors offered here is what makes people visit often.

4. Biryani Mahal:

Over here, you have to fight to get a table. Waiting in a queue won’t get you one. It is crowded most of the time, especially due to its popularity. They serve the infamous Kolkata Biryani, which is delightful and quite extraordinary.

5. Sri Basant Bihar:

The restaurant is widely known for its yummilicious range of vegetarian food. Divided into two floors, Sri Basant Bihar serves North Indian and Chinese dishes on the ground floor. The first floor is dedicated to South Indian food. The food served here is simply amazing. Since the restaurant does not take prior bookings, you may need to wait during peak hours.

6. Pind Balluchi:

Pind Balluchi has its branches in all major cities of North India. However, here in Patna, this is quite different. Built on eighteenth floor of the famous Biscomaun Tower, one of the tallest towers in the city, the restaurant promises a spectacular view of the city. According to Bihar cities news, it is a revolving restaurant and promises a full 360-degree panoramic view of the most popular regions of Patna.

7. Anarkali:

This is one of the few restaurants in Bihar that serves alcohol which also makes it quite popular among locals and tourists alike. The place serves delectable variety of Chinese food. The most famous dish served here is ‘Chilli Chicken’.

8. Sukhsagar Restaurant:

A humble place to satisfy your cravings for quality food, SukhSagar Restaurant also serves as a banquet hall for weddings. The food serve here is amazing.

9. Red Chilli:

Visit this place if you are in a mood to try out some unique yet lip smacking dishes. Red Chilli is famous for some unique preparations by chefs such as ‘Chicken Dehati’. Also try out other north Indian dishes and you won’t be disappointed. These dishes promise you a variety of flavours.

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