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5 Health Hazards to Watch Out for When Travelling

Travel Kumar Niranjan 27 September 2018
5 Health Hazards to Watch Out for When Travelling

Travelling, although being perhaps the most fun and rewarding hobby anyone could have, also runs the risk of being dangerous for certain reasons. Here are five potential health hazards to look out for.

Deadly diseases

One of the major things to look out for whilst you travel is the risk of disease. In certain countries, particularly in areas such as Southeast Asia and South America (two massive travel hotspots), things such as malaria and typhoid are unfortunately rife – so you need to be protected.

Before you go, pay a visit to your doctor. Depending on where you’re heading, they can vaccinate you against certain diseases if possible. Although malaria has no vaccination, there are other precautions you can take yourself – use insect repellent and sleep behind netting, for example.

Risky foods

 Be careful with what you eat. Not only do you have to look out for reputable and trustworthy outlets for your food, but you should also be cautious about the ingredients – as 1cover suggests, if you’re trying dishes that are particularly spicy or heavy, a likely occurrence in many travel hotspots, you could find yourself falling ill and ruining part of your trip.

But be careful with things such as street food, too. Although it’s often absolutely safe and okay to eat, you could run into a dodgy dealer – ask around to find out which vendors you can trust to buy your food from.

 Dangerous roads

 Watch out on the roads depending on where you’re travelling to. Take Thailand, for example – despite it being one of the most gorgeous and desirable places to travel to, the roads here are some of the most dangerous and lethal in the entire world. Combine that with opportunistic and confident tourists thinking they know better, and it could realistically be a recipe for disaster.

Make sure you’re avoiding any dangerous or risky roads, and if you feel like getting in a taxi or on a bike is putting yourself in danger, don’t do it. There are much safer ways of getting around.

 Extreme heat

 If you’re visiting one of the many travel hotspots around the world, chances are it’s going to be hot. Very hot. Make sure you’re avoiding sun exposure if and when you can, as too much sun will lead to potential burning and even more complications if you aren’t careful.

Sunstroke and sun poisoning ruin many holidays, as travellers aren’t careful enough. Although you may want to get the best possible tan and stay out in the blistering heat all day, it often isn’t good for you. Be sensible and find some shade when you start feeling too warm.


Pair the extreme warmth with not drinking enough water and you could be in for a difficult time. Make sure you’re constantly drinking water (try to avoid other fluids such as alcohol and soft drinks), especially if you’re doing a lot of walking and exploring the local area, hiking and discovering local attractions such as temples, cathedrals and even castles.

Make sure you check you can drink the local water before going ahead and taking a gulp, though. Some filtration systems may leave things in the water which could mess with your stomach, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.