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16 Best Online Travel Websites in India for Holiday Trip Booking

Travel lynn.austinn 28 January 2021
16 Best Online Travel Websites in India for Holiday Trip Booking

We have been travelling since time immemorial. For most people, travel is a key component of their to-do lists these days. Travel expands our worldview and allows us to enrich ourselves in so many ways. Whether adventure is what you’re seeking, or experience or simply something new, travel seems is ready solution. However, travel is not always easy. A number of things need to be taken care of when you are travelling. Once, travel was somewhat of a great hassle for some, and hence it was not as popular as it should have been. However things have changed a great deal in the 21st century.

Travelling is now easier than ever. Nowadays, we have less to worry regarding whether we’ll get rooms in a hotel, or take the trouble of planning out an itinerary all by ourselves. There are numerous travel websites out there.  They help us travel in a way that is convenient, enjoyable, safe and stress-free. However, with the large pool of websites related to travelling from which we can choose, the prospect of making a decision can seem a bit daunting. Here is a list of the best online travel websites in India that would help you with travelling plans.

1. Makemytrip

In the list of online travel website in India, Makemytrip’s position is inevitable. It is easily among the most popular of such websites. Its excellent services include safe and secure options for payment, easy way to redress complaints as well as cancelling of bookings etc.

2. Yatra

Yatra is another travel agency that stands out for its popularity and good reputation. It gives you the assurance of the best packages, affordable pricing and sometimes you’d even get great cashback deals! There headquarters in situated in Gurgaon. It stands out in the list of travel agencies as the second most popular currently.

3. Cleartrip

Cleartrip is unique because of how quickly it has climbed the ladder of the market. It allows you to book your train and flight tickets online for both domestic and international trips. It is headquartered in Mumbai, and has a cheap fare calendar that allows you help you select the cheapest fares.

4. Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook is a Mumbai based service that allows you to book domestic or international holidays, facilitate foreign exchange, visa, passport, travel insurance etc. It has extended its services to all parts of the country, and now has partnered with numerous airline in order to get some excellent deals on travel and accommodation.

5. Travelguru

Travelguru happens to be one of the most visited of similar websites in India. It has excellent features that allow you to compare different travel services.

6. TripYoda

TripYoda is a place for consumers to experience travel content that gives travel lovers access to the world. This platform shares human connections, and engaging talent who celebrate the surprising encounters that happen around the corner and around the globe. Tripyoda provides best deals on indian hotels along with the good discounts on flight booking.

7. Ixigo

This Gurgaon based travel agency which had been operating since 2007 aggregates several travel websites in order to find out the best deals and prices. It has proved extremely successful so far.

8. Redbus

Redbus is an excellent portal for making bus bookings. It allows you to choose your bus based on time, route, price etc. It offers a choice between over 1800 bus operators from across the country.

9. Easemytrip

Easemytrip has emerged as the fourth largest Indian flight booking service. It is a Delhi based company. It offers competitive air pricing and exciting offers. It’s USP which is that it charges zero Convenience Fee has gained intense attractiveness for it.

10. Goibibo

Goibibo is India’s largest hotels and air aggregator. It is the mobile travel app that occupies the premier rank in India. It offers great deals in flight bookings as well as trains and hotel bookings. They also offers plenty of cash back as well as other offers.

11. Expedia

Expedia is another travel agency that is useful when it comes to  airline bookings, car rentals, cruises, hotel bookings etc. Bookings can be done wither on your desktop computer or via its mobile app. The website has been in operation for over two decades. It offers travel packages to over 2000 exotic locations.

12. Cox and Kings 

Cox and Kings is an Indian travel agency that is unique for being one of the oldest. It has an excellent reputation. It would help you to find lucrative offers for your bookings whether it is for flights, hotels or trains. Cox and Kings headquarters is situated in Mumbai. It operates across 4 continents, spanning 22 countries.

13. OYO  Rooms

If you are looking for an excellent site for reservations in hotels, OYO rooms might be for you. It operates in a large number of cities (around 200) in India as well as Malaysia. It was established in 2013. You can choose your hotel rooms based on factors like amenities and pricing.

14. Booking.com

Booking.com is another popular travel website in India. It has over 1000,000 properties as its partners. It is known for being reliable and quick in its service. They covers a wide variety of destinations in India. It is a great choice for traveller looking for a way to book their hotel rooms.

15. Via.com

Via.com was originally founded as Flightraja.com and is headquartered in Bangalore. It has solid networking channels, and thousands of partners that are from all over India. It offers you the cheapest fares, the best food and premier hotels for your accommodations.

16. Ticketgoose

Ticketgoose is another extremely popular bus ticket booking service. It allows you to select your favoured bus timings as well as the travel route,, operator etc. based on your preference. It is an intensely convenient and cost-saving portal.

Final Words

Those are some of the best websites for travel bookings in India. It cannot be overstated how much more convenient travel has become for the Indian traveller thanks to websites like these. It has also eased the worry for many Indians, and hence made the process of travel stress-free.



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