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11 Best HRM Applications for Small Enterprises and Start-Ups in 2018

Tech Update Preeti Mishra 9 January 2018
Actually In 2018, Traditional Sector Of HR Management Includes With Market Growth And Consolidation Which Is Driven By HR Strategies. But For A Startup

If you are reading this means most of surety indicates that you are an HR, small enterprises or startup. If I am right then definitely you are on the right community forum. The desire for change new and better solutions on the market, improvement the employee/user experiences and addresses the business goal is not only the technique by which you can find everything. The actual thing is the implementation of your system in streamline and automation way.

Since technology is continually changing working process of HR department with a regular movement in traditional sectors that make very interesting turning point?

Actually in 2018, traditional sector of HR management includes with market growth and consolidation which is driven by HR strategies. But for a startup or small scale enterprises it’s very difficult to manage overall things. So that here’s the best solution I’m providing you that will benefit your business with small investment or sometime free.  You can use top HR management software in your small enterprises too. Some of the listed here;

1. Zoho People:

Zoho People provides all the HR administrative works from a single location very easily. Not only recruitment and job finding but it manages other services like employee self service, performance management, attendance tracker system, etc.
Here HR can search employees and set organization views and tree structure from a single dashboard.

Zoho also provide features for employee like; updating their personal data, set their skills, check-in and check-out. It works on data redundancy. Manages also have facility to access all information about subordinate and team members.

2. Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud:

Oracle company facilitates HCM Cloud based system for every HR solution. With an attractive User Interface and reporting capabilities now it’s working as one of the giants in the HR software industry.

It provides comprehensive solution from basics that makes you a great leader of talent. This cloud platform manages internal and external talent from the best sources. It creates and supports a collaborative and productive working environment. HR facilitates with better peer-to-peer communication, collaboration with employees and knowledge sharing in the workforce.

You can learn things like; embedded analytics solution with big data, performance risk and lots of things. It empowers staff to manage their decisions which is based on real-time data.

3. Bamboo HR:

This is another cloud based HR software and very useful for mid-size businesses. It provides the tools for HRIS (Human Resource Information System) which includes ATS and HRIS by which HR can manage overall employee life cycle and work regulation. The best thing of this application is support of different languages and multiple currencies. Organisation can handle multiple administrative seats by this with user support enhancement tools. Social engagement tools increase visibility criteria of a user and by which it can be share on all social media platform (mentioned there) or most popular job boards and portals.

4. iSolved HCM:

Very compatible and reliable software for HR to manages all your workforce management processes. Payroll, time and attendance, HR data can be manages in one platform. If you are owner or administrative person of a company you’ll definitely love to manage mission-critical employee data in one place.

This software solution is perfect for small level enterprises and best as start up software but handles complex workforce management system and need as well.

5. SAP:

SAP a real- time ERP suite that developed by a German MNC which makes ERP software basically to manage business operations and customer relationship. In 2014-2015, both HPE and IBM provide awesome infrastructure services to SAP so that could run its cloud solution SAP HANA and become a topper. SAP has partnership with Microsoft to manage customer’s tools for data visualization and improvement of mobile applications as well.

SAP competes with tech giants in different sectors like; warehousing, supply chain management etc but Oracle is the main competitor of SAP.

6. Kronos:

Kronos provides powerful HCM and workforce management solutions to helps business outcome driving, control labour costs etc.  This HRM Software helps and manages your entire workforce system.

7. Clear Company HRM:

Clear Company is a solution that works for HR and recruiting teams in both public and private sector as well. Talent operating system provides feature of new employee on-boarding and performance management whereas application tracking system manages mobile career sites, social sharing etc. It includes features of bulk email and site integration.

8. TribePad:

Recruitment software offer solutions for tracking and sourcing of applicants. This SaaS service is suitable for medium and larger size organizations. By this candidate can experience beautiful career pages with any device. Social search and job-board with multi posting is the best feature of this software solution. Custom scoring matrices, automatic candidate communication, maximizing outcomes are the features will attract you to use this software in your firm.

9. Breezy HR:

This is end-to-end recruiting software for mid-size businesses which is useful to hire good employees with less effort. It provides a virtual pipeline system for different stages. In which you can customize each stages in each pipeline. Breezy selects candidates according to their answer and easily move them to the next stage with the management of disqualifying. It manages follow-up mail and questionnaire in every stage.

10. Recruitee:

Recruitee is another HR solution which manages pipeline structure and move candidate from one stage to another stage. It provides platform for easy sharing of job vacancy and social media visibility. This application recruits eligible and highly potential candidates on any websites and follow-up them via only one click. Very useful for small enterprises and filter candidates according to their ratings, sources, email content, etc. Manages hiring workflow and easily switch between one to another company.

11. Workday:

It is cloud based financial management and human capital management software service. Workday makes money by selling its subscription rights and agencies rather than software outright.

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