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10 Most Common SEO Mistakes Which You Should Avoid In 2018

Tech Update Rankit Sihmar 16 March 2018
So, You Just Need To Stay Updated And Informed About The Latest Changements In The SEO Industry. Let Me Tell You The 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes

Nowadays optimizing your website and a blog is considered as an essential element of your content marketing strategy.  As SEO is changing time to time and it is considered a good way to bring more traffic [visitors] to your websites.

Most of the beginners were made a mistake because either they are not aware the basic mistakes of SEO or because they didn’t understand them correctly. Sometimes it is also considered that SEO is one of the very fast changing industry which works for a few months or doesn’t work today. So, you just need to stay updated and informed about the latest changements in the SEO industry.

Let me tell you The 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes Which You Should Avoid In 2018:

#1. Forget Analytics:

This is the only way to know about the optimization of SEO and content efforts which s used for tracking the working progress which most of the marketers forgot about this – ” Analytics “. Many of the marketers were disregarded the numbers but this not just a small mistake this is a serious mistake. By setting up this and regularly reviewing your analytics which is good for the essential for the results of your optimization.

Google Webmaster tool and the Google Analytics tools were the two main tools which you can use to measure the results and easily get the overview of your website’s performance. With this, you can also see that how optimization of your site is working for the different kinds of content and by using or applying various different strategies which you are trying out.

#2. Missing Quality Links:

In order to get best from the SEO, many of the content marketers were grasp the quality of external links which they include in the content which is much more important than their quantity in today’s time.

So, it is better to make your link relevant, for good rankings of the websites with solid and powerful reputation – not just any other site. It’s also good to link back to those sites that have linked to you, in order to bring the more traffic in future.

Another good practice is that when it comes to links it is better to use the ineffective anchor text because it wastes the precious SEO opportunities, Anchor text will signify the reader and search bots to find that where the link is about and how it can be beneficial for the user. Stop this types of links like ” Click Here ” as an anchor text and make sure that you have a different kind of variety for your anchor text. as using the same text over and over again which looks like as a spammy.

#3. Choosing Wrong Keywords:

It is all about choosing the keywords for optimization for the ranking of your website. But you’re choosing the right ones.

This is one of the most common mistakes which peoples do. Peoples do this mistakes in selecting keywords is neglecting the preference of search engine and users for long-tail keywords. You must have to define your products or service in a certain or in a different way because it is more important to understand what types of words your potential customer would use to refer to them.

Sometimes the term which you consider would be correct but might mean something completely different for the other peoples or could be too much organic. In other cases, you will optimize all the wrong keywords. It’s better to do your keywords researching and must do it in a right way before you start the optimization.

You can also use these tools to do best and better your keywords researching like Google Adwords, Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Moz Keywords Explorer and SEM Rush etc which will help you immensely in putting your finger on the trending and adequate keywords.

#4. Low-Quality Content:

The single and the best goal for the search engines is to help peoples to find the quality of content and the information in the content should also relevant. By providing high-quality instead of low-quality content the searches are also becoming increasingly more and effective at filtering the poor or low-quality content from their search results.

A most common SEO mistake which most of the marketers is doing that is purchasing of the low-quality content just for the sake of having an content.

It wouldn’t help you in improving your search rankings and especially if the content of your competitors is of high-quality. If you want peoples to find your website then you need to invest your time and money in providing quality content and that should be original and relevant for the users who visit your sites.

#5. Skip Meta Description And Title Tags:


Optimization of our content doesn’t stop here after including the targeted keywords in your article. Both the title tags and the meta descriptions were considered as an essential element of SEO that should be not forgotten. Skipping the meta description and the title tags this means you are missing a huge amount of potential for your content.

These optimizing factors were considered by the search engines while crawling your websites. So, if you do this thing properly then they can also improve the performance of your content. Another important thing which many of the content marketers forgot to include that is Image tags. The alt tags of the visuals which you have to include inside your content which is very important.

As they were considered as another sign that exactly how you are targeting your articles. Search both can’t see these pictures but they can easily read the alt tags and add this information in the way so that your pages must indexed.

#6. Ignore Mobile Users:

It doesn’t matter whether your brand is for B2B or B2C because most of the peoples were opening your websites by using the same type of mobile devices. That is why you should understand the importance of the mobile-friendly websites because when you ignore the crucial audience then you are doing at your own peril.

If your content is not the mobile-friendly then the experience of your user who will visit your website will be negatively impacted.

#7. Publish Non-Original Content:

This mistake is totally related to the quality of your content which you published on your site. Duplicating the texts is a most common practice back in the day and today search engine penalizes this approach.

The copy and plagiarizing content is seen as a spammy and it was highly discouraged. The copied or a thin content doesn’t work. It’s worth investing in creating an original and meaningful text instead of copying or ripping content from other places or by using any software that spins the content and provides it a new shape but still, that content was considered as a spammy or spin content.

This is one of the only ways to make sure that your website doesn’t get downgraded and pushed back in the search results.

#8. Keyword Stuffing:

I know sometimes you might be thinking using your target keywords in every sentence of your content will boost your rankings. This strategy will not be more wrong. Overboard keywords by using keywords are registered as a spammy by the search engines and this thing hurts your SEO performance. That’s why keyword stuffing is not crucial to your SEO success.

This type of approach will make your content unnatural and useless for it’s intended audience. You can take a look at the Latent Semantic Indexing [ LSI ]. This program will easily recognize your content’s topic without the stuffing of your content with repetitions of your targeted keywords which you used in your content.

#9. Not Active On Social:

Social media is considered as one of the best and most effective ways to promote your blog or website over there in front of millions of audiences. If you are not active in your social mediums then you are doing a huge mistake and this will cost you a most.

Most of the SEO experts were agree with this point that social signals are gaining more ground in the form of ranking factor and besides the hidden SEO benefits.

Social media is considered a good source of capturing the huge amount of traffic. You don’t need to be active on all the platforms you have to find which platform is best suited for your audience and trying to build authority. Share informative and useful content over there on your social network.

Not Using Proper Redirects:

Redirection is also played an important role. A redirect is a process of forwarding one URL to a different URL. In some cases, the redirects include a moving one old site into a new site or redirecting.

Example – exapmle.com into www.example.com

So, that user can easily find your website. A 301 redirect is the proper and an effective way to do this as this also indicated both browsers and search engine bots that the page will be removed permanently and carry a link weighting from an original page to the new URL.

Rankit Sihmar

Rankit Sihmar

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