10 Best Android Launchers to Enhance Looks and Performance of Your Device

What is an Android launcher?

Android’s dominance along with the other mobile systems is principally as a result of infinite customization opportunities it offers to its user base. Launchers really are among the most customizable pieces of Android. Android tablets are inoperable with no launcher, which consists of your home monitor and also the catalogue of all of the programs available in your device. Therefore every device includes a default option launcher pre-installed.

Why use third-party launchers?

There are lots of third-party launchers open that replace your default launcher. However, why if you replace your stock launcher? This question includes a pretty straightforward answer; the third-party launchers offer you a great deal of customization to allow users to accommodate their requirements.

Android launchers have grown to be more economical and feature-rich through recent years. To help save you from the difficulty of surfing through one hundred launchers on Play Store here, we’ve put together a set of Best Android Launchers.

Notice: This checklist isn’t in order of preference. You might be advised to choose one depending on your requirement.

10 Best Android Launchers in 2018

Nova Launcher

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Nova Launcher is among the best Android launchers around. It’s actually a buttery smooth launcher that I happen to be using for more than decades now. It’s fast, lightweight and efficient. Icon packs are offered inside the Play Store to change the appearance and texture. It supports dock customizations, telling badges, a choice showing frequently employed programs at a top row from the program drawer, icon and folder customizations, dozens of gestures and lots of others. Additionally, it offers support for program shortcuts present in Android Nougat. Its prime version unlocks a whole lot of helpful characteristics and is worth an effort.

Eve Launcher

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Eve launcher is designed for operation and is still amongst the quickest Android launchers. Many users that have changed for the launcher swears with its smoothness. Its Universal Search feature enables you hunt within your programs out of 1 place. It’s a vast variety of home screen shortcuts and customizations. Moreover, you may customize your program folder and drawer grid.

Eve launcher supports icon packs that you may download from the Play Store. 1 drawback is you may not find lots of gestures within the program. In general, it’s a light weight launcher that guarantees speed and ease.

Buzz Launcher

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Buzz Launcher is the epitome of customization Android. Its distinctive feature known as”Homepack Buzz” is really a dwelling screen customization service with more than 700,000 dwelling displays uploaded and shared with tens of thousands of users. It’s an in built app-locker along with RAM cleaner, and therefore you never have to put in any additional programs such as this. A whole lot of gestures have been available with that you are able to get lots of shortcuts with just a swipe of your finger over your house screen.

An additional feature referred to as “Screen Effects” can be acquired within the program that’s much like call home background, but rather than replacing your background, it overlays the background with cartoons effects such as for example ‘snow fall’ or ‘fall leaves’ drifting onto your screen. You may never get sick and tired of fiddling around every one of the customization options offered from Buzz Launcher.


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Apex launcher can be really a stunning launcher with tens of thousands of themes and pub packs you could download out of Play Store. It’s a light weight launcher optimized for both Pills and smartphones. You are able to accumulate to 9 customizable dwelling displays and hide programs on your program drawer you never require. The launcher forms apps while in the program drawer based on this name, setup date or just how frequently you use them. Purchasing the expert version will unlock more gesture alternatives, powerful program drawer customizations, and lots of additional capabilities. It really is but one of the quickest Android launchers.

Everything Me

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Everything Me neatly arranges your mobile and may suggest the best programs for you personally. Home-screen folders have been made category shrewd throughout initial installation. Its customizable gestures and also a forecast pub for fast app hunting.

A swipe your home-screen will simply take you to “Quick Contacts” at which you may come across your frequently useful contacts.  The launcher gradually learns in your customs and produces exactly the best it may.

Smart Launcher 3

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Smart Launcher 3 is just another light weight and speedy Android launcher that claims to utilize AI for hunting contacts, programs, and content. The program drawer is made up of side bar which divides the programs as per some category. As the first setup procedure, it asks you to your default programs that you utilize, and that means you may not be annoyed after automatically program pop ups.

Smart Launcher 3 features a “bright turn away” feature that automatically turns off the monitor once the telephone is set down. Even though gesture service occurs, it’s bound and more gestures unlock whenever you get the pro version. 1 drawback is that advertisements appear from the program drawer at the free version that’s unrequired.

Microsoft Launcher

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Microsoft Launcher( formerly called Arrow Launcher) is a tasteful and speedy Android launcher using lots of customizations out of Microsoft. It can upgrade new backgrounds out of Bing daily. 1 dwelling screen is decoder with panels including “Google Cards.” A recently available panel indicates the newly opened press or newly used contact. There’s also an choice to combine duplicate contacts in case you have some. This program is offered in each of the significant languages.

ADW Launcher Two

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This launcher is very stable, fast, user friendly and provides hundreds of customizable alternatives. The UI almost is as though stock Android. It supports an exceptional feature to change interface colour in accordance with your wall paper. Moreover, you can find icon badges, program indexing on program drawer, launcher shortcuts, and transition cartoons along with heaps of additional helpful capabilities.

Its developers claim that the risk you may put in it to your likeness is approximately 3720 to 1. You are able to create and alter your widgets on your colours. What more could you request?

Google Today Launcher

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Google Today launcher is an in house launcher made from Google itself. The Android program is aimed for non-pixel device users that do not enjoy their pre-installed Android launcher, and as an alternative, prefer a more straightforward Android experience.

Unlike other contenders, the popular mobile launcher adds Google Now cards just by tapping right on your home screen. Additionally, the Google search bar design might be customized right from the home screen.

Combined with smooth program drawer, program suggestions at the top additionally get the job done economically. The single drawback is you there’s not much customization you can do using Google Now Android launcher.

Pixel Launcher

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Pixel launcher is just another Android launcher out of Google. The launcher comes pre-installed on Google Pixel devices. If you enjoy the general feel of stock Android on Pixel, it can be a must have Android launcher.

As the launcher isn’t customizable just like other launchers on this best mobile launcher list, the program is extremely instinctive with all the program hints and Google cards. The launcher program also has contained the in house program shortcuts whereby you may instantly hop to the particular endeavour, inside the program.

In the event that you are on the lookout for the hottest Android Pie layout on your device, I’d suggest for you to have a look at the Rootless launcher whose latest version comprises Android Pie program UI attributes.

Can you discover this set of 10 Best Android Launchers to Enhance Looks and Performance of Your Device in 2018 best Android launchers to become utilized? Share your reviews in the comments below.