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Which Is Good To Buy and Invest, Gold Or Diamond?

Business Logic Abhishek Ranjan 6 October 2018

While both gold and diamond have been a favourite for jewellery still one needs to understand which one is better for investment purposes.

Diamond and gold both are a symbol of wealth across cultures and have been so for many years. What is harder to find gold or diamond investment market?

Investment in Diamonds – Are Diamonds A Good Investment Today And The Future

Diamond is beautiful and this has captured the hearts of many for years. The aesthetic value of this stone shows its worth. But when it comes to investing in diamonds not all of the stone is worth investing into.

Diamonds have become the trademark in an engagement ring. In fact the monopoly in this market that was there in existence for some time allowed the prices and the supply to be controlled. This impacted the value a lot. The demand has no doubt increased but there are stones of different quality and there is also change in the taste of the customers for the colour of the diamond and this makes the market really complicated as is the process of making them.

To invest into diamond, diamond investment returns one should know to judge the price transparency of the stone. The assurance of quality, the liquidity and the costs of transactions should also be known.

Investment In Gold – 22 Carat Gold Rate

Gold has been known to be a safe haven and this precious metal has found use since the ancient times. The price fluctuates as per demand and supply. The value of gold however is more transparent than that of diamond because gold is traded vey frequently.

Gold is supposed to be a reliable way to invest money, gold rate in Bangalore but this may not necessarily be true. The precious metal has no earnings and in fact there is money than one needs to invest to store this metal. The only time that gold, gold rate in Bangalore makes money for you is when the countries earnings is inflicted with negative inflation.

Some Myths About 22 Carat Gold Rate Gold Investment

There have been many researchers that have disputed the long term claim of 22 carat gold rate gold being a safe haven which has stood the test of time. They also argue that there is a standard price for 22 carat gold rate gold and that 22 carat gold rate gold is a reliable way to hedge the currency. Learn the gold rate in Bangalore.

Investing In Gold Or Diamond – Which Is Better? Diamond Vs Gold Resale Value

There are a few reasons why gold still beats diamond investments. Know the difference between diamond and gold investments. Know the difference between gold and diamond. The reasons are as follows:

  • The diamond investment market is not predictable and it can also be very complicated to those who have just started to invest into the stone
  • Gold is known to be a safe heaven even in times of economic fall. Know gold rate in Bangalore
  • The resale value of diamond is very low. It is worth only when you get hold of an iconic stone
  • The diamond that you buy from your jeweller loses half of its value after you purchase it. This is because it has a huge retail mark-up. This makes it a loss making investment for you because you hardly get back any return when you go to sell it. Only if the stone is rare can you actually think of making a huge gain with it

Gold thus is a safer haven to invest your money into. This is even though there has been a decrease in the value of 22 carat gold rate gold in the recent past. The fashion trend is what will drive the prices of diamond but gold has a more emotional value attached to it. So investing in 22 carat gold rate gold, gold rate in Bangalore should be considered over investing in diamond.

Conclusion – Know The Gold Rate In Bangalore And Invest Wisely

Should I invest in diamonds?

Gold is timeless and is seen as an excellent way to invest money. The same however does not apply to diamonds. This is because diamond has been marked up artificially and these are advertised in such a way to lure people to invest into them.

Gold is a part of our culture gold rate in Bangalore and being the largest consumer of gold today gold is the better investment of the two. Yes gold does not beat inflation like say the equity market but those who invest into 22 carat gold rate gold put their money with an idea to keep their money safe and not to make wealth out of their investment. In time of difficulty gold acts as an excellent hedge and this gives people security.

Gold investment, gold rate in Bangalore is transparent and in the times of recession gold is the best protection for your money. The market is also very liquid and unlike diamond it is very easy to sell off your gold. Gold is rare and is associated with wealth and has been there since ages, unlike diamond which is comparatively new to the market. Check the diamond vs gold price chart.