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What is Web server selection and monitoring procedure

Pros of owning a physical server for a company. Ways to maintain physical server properly with special tools for this task.
Business Samson Garrett 19 April 2022
Web server selection and monitoring procedure

In order for your website to function effectively on the Internet, you will need to choose a reliable server, which today can take many forms. If your company needs its own server to operate effectively, then the first question you should ask yourself is which one to choose. There are currently two main options besides virtual shared hosting. You can buy a physical server and maintain it or rent a virtual remote server. Many website owners use dedicated servers, which are ideal for complex and resource-intensive projects. In this case, the server will be physically located in the data center, and you will get remote access to it.

server monitoring for webmasters

Pros of owning a physical server for a company

In fact, working with a server that is located in your office and a server that is located in a data center is no different. In addition, your own dedicated server allows you to configure any necessary software without restrictions. And this is very important for the work of most Internet resources.

However, a virtual server is only good for small businesses that do not have their own IT department and large amounts of data. At first glance, this is the optimal solution. However, if you want full hardware access and maximum flexibility, it’s hard to beat the benefits of a physical server. Large amounts of data, a huge number of database accesses – a physical server will cope with all this better than a virtual one.

Pros of owning a physical server for a company

On the contrary, a physical server is a special equipment that is installed in a data center or in a server room in an office. It has all the attributes of a familiar personal computer: processor, RAM, SSD and HDD drives, and so on. Its greatest advantage is its absolute flexibility. As the owner, you can easily update or even change operating systems, add RAM or storage drives, start, restart and maintain the server at any time convenient for you.

Ways to maintain physical server properly

Monitoring of various parameters and indicators of website-related servers is an integral part of the webmaster’s work. But in order to do this as efficiently as possible, conventional means are often not enough. In such cases, the ideal solution, which does not include the purchase of expensive equipment, is the use of automated and very complex monitoring services. And the HostTracker service is one of the best in this class.

Ways to maintain physical server properly

The monitoring service provides a wide range of checks. By monitoring the processor, RAM and hard disk, identify all possible problems and leaks of server resources. It will also be possible to check the presence of the server’s IP address in the DNSBL lists to avoid blocking. This allows you to collect the most complete information about the operation of the server. Any information about verification, changes to settings, etc. is available in the HostTracker web interface. This means that you can quickly find the source of problems.

On top of that, the system will always keep you in touch with server status and occuring troubles via instant notifications system. Service will send a quick message using a dedicated messenger every time a dangerous problem occurs with your server.