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What is a Personal GPS Tracker and How Does it Work?

Gadgets Jessica 6 November 2018

To begin with, we going to talk about what is personal GPS tracker? The GPS is a “sequence” of 24 well-dispersed satellites that orbit the Earth and make it possible for people with ground acceptor to pinpoint their geographic location. The location certainty is anywhere from 100 to 10 meters for most material.

Indeed, can be pinpointed to inward one meter with special martial approved equipment. GPS material is widely used in science and has now become amply low-cost so that relatively anyone can own a GPS, and many do in an Android phone, smartphone tablet or GPS navigation device.

How GPS Tracker Works

A GPS tracking system can work in many ways. From a commercial perspective, GPS devices are generally used to record the position of vehicles as they make their trips. Some systems will store the information within the GPS tracking system itself known as apathetic tracking, and some send the data to a centralized database or system via a modem within the GPS unit on a daily basis known as active tracking or 2-Way GPS. GPS works by giving information on perfect location.

A GPS uses system called Global Navigation Satellite System network. This network assimilates a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are broadcast to GPS devices to give information on location, vehicle velocity, direction and time, for example, may be located in a vehicle, on a smartphone, or on individual GPS devices, which can one or the other be a fixed or compact unit. GPS works by giving information on perfect location. It can also track the movement of a person or vehicle.

Global Positioning System tracking is a process of working out absolutely where something is. So, for example, a GPS tracking system can be used by an association to monitor the route and development of a delivery truck, and by parents to check on the location of their kids, or even to watch high-valued credit in transit. So, a GPS tracking system can likely give both real-time and historic navigation information on any journey.


GPS units accept signals from United States Government satellites that they use to determine location. Basing on the group, a GPS can pinpoint your position in up to three dimensions longitude, altitude, and latitude. The phenomenal thing about GPS is that the satellite navigational data is available to anyone, anyplace, free of charge, or in other cases, as per your need you can have some research for mini GPS trackers as well.

Obvious, you need to buy a Mini GPS acceptor to use the information, but it’s a pretty cool small investment when you realize how this much information you can get. This network connects with a depend on radio consisting of a PC station as well as a GPS receiver and interface. Mini GPS tracking system uses interactive maps rather than static map picture on the Website. AVL systems can be used to move the accountability of field personnel and boost the capability of a company’s dispatching procedure through tracking and communication.

Other GPS tracking technologies contain GPS guns that law enforcement can fire at a fleeing car, avoiding a dangerous pursuit. In most of the places, law enforcement commissioner also uses GPS dust, which bases of GPS trackers so small they probably are blown or rubbed on a target’s clothing. GPS devices in cell phones and other mobile devices are often used to track employee location.  Privacy defender warns that technology can also make it possible for advertisers, government, hackers, and cyberstalkers to track users over their mobile devices.


A battery operated, hand-held GPS is excellent for small boats because it doesn’t need to be mounted and won’t take up valuable soothe space.

Mountable or portable GPS receivers have huge display screens, larger buttons and more features than hand-held units. Most GPS in this division operates on batteries or external 12-volt power. They come with brackets to grip the GPS in place while you are underway and can be removed for protection when you are done navigate.

Fixed-mount GPS receivers provide the vast displays and the most features. They are meant to be installed for all time.

A stand-alone GPS is often indicating to as a chart plotter. Many fixed-mount GPS units mix satellite navigation with fish finding functions.

Most GPS groups come with basic maps pre-installed. To develop your GPS’s knowledge planted or access detailed territorial data you can purchase and download maps from CD-ROMS or SD cards. GPS provides almost endless possibilities for high-tech boaters. The technology to network a GPS with sonar, radar, VHF marine radio, and a boat’s autopilot system is already provided. GPS is a fantastic tool. However, like any piece of equipment, a GPS unit isn’t perfect, so advice is to learn how to navigate with a boundary and chart, just in case. It’ll give you more power, confidence to explore and make the most of your time on the independence.


So, this operation is planted on simple mathematical rules called trilateration. Trilateration decline into two divisions: 2D Trilateration and 3D Trilateration. To make the easy, accurate calculation, the GPS acceptor must know two conditions. It must know the location of the place is to be traced by three satellites overhead the site.

Second, it must know the long distance between the each of those Space Vehicles and place. Units that have multiple receivers that pickup signals from several GPS satellites at an equal time. These radio waves are electromagnetic energy that travels at the velocity of light.


Overall, in this fast-paced society we all need to keep ourselves updated. Sometimes we really need to be ahead the curves just to meet the technological demands and challenges being faced these days. In the same way, GPS trackers are being enhanced. Many upcoming new mobile models are designed to have long term tracking with efficient location reporting.

Moreover, as we have discussed so far that we do have unlimited use cases of these personal Global Positioning System. Also, for mini GPS trackers as well, such as in map forests, help farmers and alike professionals to grow their harvest, automobiles, electronic devices etc. So, we really need to keep ourselves updated with latest enhancements and amendments in its workflow and structure.