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The Micromax Canvas 1 or Canvas Pulse 4G: Which One Should I Buy?

Gadgets Shailendra Kumar 17 October 2018

A leading player in the budget segment of smartphones, Micromax offers affordable innovation right in your palm. The company is known for creating phones that have a 30-day standby backup. It has dual SIM compatibility for greater convenience and a range of over 60 models to suit every lifestyle. The Micromax Canvas 1 or Canvas Pulse 4G have all the makings of modern-day smartphones. They come with an affordable price tag. The Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G price in India is almost the same as the Micromax Canvas 1 price in India at around Rs.6000. So the best way is to review the Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G and Micromax Canvas 1 features and specifications.

Once you’re through making your decision, you can buy any of the Micromax Canvas smartphones on EMI in India. With a flexible repayment tenor over a period of 3 to 24 months, you can avail a loan up to Rs. 4 lakh. So that you can easily buy your Micromax phone and other electronics on No Cost EMI. You can pay using your EMI Network Card that comes with a pre-approved limit by simply walking into a partner store or entering the details online.

How to buy without EMI network card?

You can buy your chosen Micromax phone on EMI without the EMI Network Card by availing in-store financing. It can be from any of the partner sellers on the EMI Network. But first of all you need to decide Micromax Canvas 1 or Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G?

Read on to see how the Micromax Canvas 1 compares with Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G to help you make an informed decision.

How do the phones compare when it comes to features?

Both the Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G and the Micromax Canvas 1 have a 5-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels. The HD resolution allows you to watch videos and other media content in immaculate quality. The screen displays colours from a wide gamut. So, all you see is vibrant and rich. While the Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G and the Micromax Canvas 1 weigh almost the same, the Micromax Canvas 1 is built using plastic and metal while the Micromax Canvas Pulse The Micromax Canvas 1 or Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G: Which One Should I Buy?4G is made of just plastic. In terms of display, size and, weight the two phones are on par.

Are they equal performers?

The performance of a phone is often gauged by a number of things which ultimately comes down to how efficiently a phone allows you to operate it and how fast it can go. To get a lag-free experience while running multiple apps simultaneously the hardware is important. Both the phones come with a processor speed of 1.3GHz; however, the difference lies in the processor type and RAM. The Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G comes with an octa-core processor and 3GB RAM while the Micromax Canvas 1 comes with a quad-core processor and 2GB RAM. This means the Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G pulls ahead with the ability to run memory-intense applications comparatively smoother than the Micromax Canvas 1.

What are their camera capabilities?

Micromax has placed a 5MP front camera on both devices that allows you to take selfies that are of the same quality. Given the same screen, the images won’t appear any different. However, Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G comes with a 13MP rear camera and hosts Samsung’s ISOCELL sensor compared to the Micromax Canvas 1’s 8MP primary camera that has a regular CMOS sensor. Both the Canvas mobiles can shoot videos at 30fps and include features such as autofocus, continuous shooting, panorama, HDR, ISO settings, exposure compensation, self-timer, scene mode, etc. However, the Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G records videos in a resolution of 1080p while the Canvas 1 is limited to 480p.

While both phones can perform the same functions with the cameras, the Pulse 4G has an edge with its image resolution size that allows you to see visibly vibrant pictures with finer details and record videos with an increased resolution size.

How do they differ when it comes to the battery?

When it comes down to how long the phone can last on a single charge, the battery type and capacity plays the biggest role. The 2500mAh battery of the Micromax Canvas 1 is 400mAh larger than that of the Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G. With 3G talk time, the Canvas 1 can last up to 7 hours while the Pulse lasts 8 hours despite the smaller size. This is because the Canvas has a Li-Polymer battery while the Pulse 4G has a Li-ion battery, giving you 180 and 300 hours of standby time respectively.

Despite its smaller battery size, the Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G outperforms the Micromax Canvas 1. However, with selective and careful usage you can get through an entire day on a single charge with either phone.

So, if you were looking at the Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G review and comparing it to another phone in the same price range, you now have reason to buy it. The phone outperforms the Canvas 1 and with the help of Bajaj Finserv you can bring in home on No Cost EMI and added discounts. To start, check out your pre-approved offer by sharing a few basic details. These offers from Bajaj Finserv, on personal loans, home loans, and EMI finance, helps you access finance faster and hassle-free. Once you have your EMI amount in your hands, you can shop your heart out for the best mobiles this season.

Shailendra Kumar

Shailendra Kumar

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