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The 5 Most Effective Marketing Trends to Use for Your Brand

Business paisleyhansen 24 November 2018
The 5 Most Effective Marketing Trends to Use for Your Brand

Marketing is not a cut and dry process, even for wildly successful brands and companies. With the advent of the internet, social media, and smartphones, the marketing, and advertising industry are always evolving. Delivering new methods to showcase products and services. Understanding the most effective and popular marketing trends in 2018 is a way to create your marketing strategy.  That way it works for any audience or demographic you want to reach.

Messenger Bots

Messenger bots are becoming more popular than ever and serve as a versatile tool for entrepreneurs and marketers alike. Using a messenger bot is possible on your official blog, website, or even within a smartphone app, you have developed to represent your business and brand. With a messenger bot, provide automatic responses and help answer questions or concerns posed by your loyal followers and shoppers. Tap into the needs of your target audience by providing a library of resources that require less manpower and manual responses from you and your staff.

Use the conversations with your messenger bot to learn more about what is most in-demand from your shoppers. You can learn what issues are occurring most frequently on your website or with the products and services you provide. Messenger bots are extremely powerful tools when you are working to grow and expand your brand. However,. you are limited on the number of employees you have available for real-time support. With a messenger bot, provide a quick and simplistic solution to improve the customer service you currently offer to those who want to learn more about your business.  Avoid missing an opportunity to answer questions or solve any problems an individual is having while accessing your website or completing the checkout process. Allow users to share comments and feedback for continuous growth with a messenger bot in place.

Analytics Tools for ECommerce Stores

Analytics tools and services provide valuable insight into the wants and needs of your desired audience. Using eCommerce analytics tools is a way to discover the best methods to approach sales and marketing based on real-time results. Using analytics tools is a way to gauge your most successful content, your website’s most popular pages, and what users are searching for when visiting your site for the first time. Without analytics in place, managing a successful eCommerce store becomes increasingly challenging, especially if you are representing a competitive market or industry.

Analytics tools help learn more about a website’s performance and the most successful campaigns you have running live at any time. Discover which marketing tactics resonate with your audience on a personal level and keep users visiting your website and coming back for more content. Tweak your marketing campaigns to align with the stats and data you receive while reviewing all of the information you have collected using your analytics tools for your eCommerce store.

Accidental Marketing Campaigns

Sounding too corporate or robotic is one of the quickest ways to lose steam with any marketing campaigns. Taking advantage of accidental marketing is one way to retain followers while providing a genuine message and appeal to the audience you want to reach.

Accidental marketing is possible with the use of social media or by developing a persona that is unique and relevant to the audience you want to reach. One of the most successful accidental marketing campaigns in 2018 includes Wendy’s official Twitter account. Rather than responding to users on Twitter with a traditional corporate message, Wendy’s replies with a snarky, comical, and witty personality. Most brands are unfamiliar with letting go of traditional corporate lingo, which helped Wendy’s to stand out from the crowd, garnering additional followers and becoming an internet sensation.

Content Marketing

One of the most popular marketing techniques used in both small and expanding businesses is content marketing. Content marketing provides an authentic vehicle to showcase useful information and engaging reads to those who have a genuine interest in learning more about a brand, product, or service.

Content marketing is wildly popular due to its ability to build a stronger sense of community for brands in all industries and markets. When you work to craft engaging, useful, and unique content, attract users who are appreciative of the information and those who want to return for more in the future. Promote content you have shared on your blog with social media ads or with third-party ad servers to create a brand image for your company.

Ask for input, comments, and suggestions to build a sense of loyalty from your current followers and prospective shoppers. Provide well-written and thoroughly researched pieces that evoke creativity and deeper thoughts, helping your business to outperform the competition. The more authentic your content appears, the easier it becomes to communicate with your users on a deeper and more personal level. Use content marketing to share in the excitement surrounding your website’s purpose or the products you provide.

Visual Campaigns

Society today is familiar with instant gratification, making it more challenging than ever to catch the eye of prospective consumers for any business. Visual campaigns are a great way to generate interest in a product, service, or content while also conveying a message in less time than traditional advertising campaigns.

Visual campaigns are not limited to traditional graphics and professional photos. Using video media is a great tool to captivate your audience. It allows taking less time than traditional blogs or write-ups. With video media, utilize animations, share your brand’s logo, and create a message that appeals to those who want to learn more about your business and what you have to offer. With a video ad, stop users in their tracks as they scroll social media or before watching a favorite video on various communities such as YouTube.

When you have a clear understanding of the marketing tactics that work best for your audience, it becomes easier to tap into the potential your business has for growth. With the right marketing trends, increase your company’s ROI while maximizing your reach, both online and off.