Taxcloud India: ITR Filing on cloud & TDS Return

Filing an ITR or TDS return is a headache for all the payees. It is a bunch of work that needs to be processed in a hectic way

Filing an ITR or TDS return is a headache for all the payees. It is a bunch of work that needs to be processed in a hectic way, which demands a lot of workforce along with a lot of time. To ensure the completion of this process more accurately with lesser time Taxcloud India was invented.

What is Taxcloud India?

Taxcloud India is accounting software that is operated in remote servers. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or ICAI has systemized the Taxcloud India as a web-based ITR and TDS return compiling-application for practicing chartered accountants and also CA firms. Taxcloud software is updated with all the rules and regulations that are complied with Indian accounting. It makes all the account and tax-related jobs much easier to perform.

CA firms and practitioners can avail the Taxcloud India application free of cost upon registering for a period of the first two financial years. With the use of Taxcloud India, start saving a remarkable amount of time and get ahead of your business.

What are the features of Taxcloud India?

Below are the features of Taxcloud India, which will help in boosting the productivity of your organisation.

● Auto-filling

Once a user saves his or her data as well as the clients’ data, Taxcloud India automatically fills it when needed for ITR filing and TDS return. So, the process will become much quicker when there is no need to put all the data individually. It saves a lot of time and provides a pause free working experience.

● Calculation

Taxcloud India application tallies the data of your clients in real-time, enabling the maximization of client-based reporting. Your employees can effectively change the required data and input new data for updating records of the client.

● Multiple-Login

This feature allows the employees of an organization to log into the account from different devices. So one can do the needful work at any time from anywhere. This will allow the employees of an organization to work continuously regardless of the location they are in. This helps in maintaining a continuous flow of work.

● Collaboration

In order to accelerate the process, teamwork is always beneficial. The collaboration feature of Taxcloud India allows different users to work simultaneously on a single project without hampering or stopping the workflow. As a result of this, a project consumes less time and also reduce the burden from a particular employee. Once there is less amount of pressure, the employee can perform the same work with a free mind and can take more time, which increases the perfection in performance.

● Backup

As this application is cloud-based, backups of data and client reports are seamlessly saved on its servers, providing more reliable data introspection and generating better performance for the organization.

● Secure

The Taxcloud India is a reliable application which comes with multi-layered security of 128bit encryption. This makes the clients’ data and payments go through a secure channel, and there are fewer chances of data leakage of the clients. Thus it offers the safest form of protection, and there is no need to invest in another application for security purposes.

● Work on the go

Taxcloud India also has its mobile app, which allows you to work on the go. If an emergency arises and you are not at your home or office, you also can do the task through the mobile app of Taxcloud India. It improves accessibility to the work.

● Client Privilege

Taxcloud India is a licensed e-Return Intermediary (ERI) which means an organization can directly file its clients’ income tax returns without seeking the clients XML (Extensive Markup Language). In case, it is unknown to you, XML is an income tax return file.

Additional Features

Apart from the above-mentioned seven main features, Taxcloud India offers several other features in order to make the tax filing related works more accessible. Following are a few additional features of using Taxcloud India application.

● Auto backup of data: Once you fill the clients’ data in this application, it automatically takes the back up of all the pieces of data.

● Auto import of Form 26AS of the income tax act: As the clients’ data is already enrolled to the Form 26AS, Taxcloud India automatically import them from there when needed. This feature saves a lot of effort and time.

● Auto capital gain calculation: Taxcloud India has the capability to evaluate the overall capital gain with more accuracy. So there is no need to calculate it differently.

● Auto calculation and carry onwards of losses: As a bonus, Taxcloud India also calculate the overall losses and carryforwards this in order to maintain a proper track of the expenses.

● Supports all ITR forms and income heads: Taxcloud India is supportable for all types of ITR forms and income heads. So, there is absolutely no need for any other application. It works in a compact way.

● Cloud-based application, No software installation required: As it is a cloud-based application, there is no need to install any other software, which saves a lot of space on your system.

● Runs on both Windows and Android: Taxcloud India works the same way with the same efficiency and accuracy on both windows and android operating system.

All the needed information about Taxcloud India are described above. Now, one can easily understand the need for this application and do the ITS filing and TDS return process more efficiently.