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Small Case Study: Smart Key Research by McDonald’s Every Business Owner Should Adopt

With a powerful business model, using well-defined strategies and targeted advertising McDonald restaurant, founded by McDonald brothers is now one of the biggest fast-food chains with 10% market share in fast food industry worldwide. Let us talk about some of the case studies and analysis about McDonald.

Today, McDonald has more than 35,000 stores in 119 different countries.

Let’s uncover with what strategies it is now listed in the world’s biggest fast-food chain.


Ray made standards on which all the restaurants have to work. Development of strong, efficient processes and procedures and remaining consistent with them allow for businesses to develop consumer confidence in the brand.  He established a university named “hamburger university” to train their employees and today every McDonald ’s franchise owner or staff attend the university for maintaining the customer experience same all over the world.

Adapting the standards, you can speed up your growth of the business.

Brand Presence:

Ronald McDonald, the brand face of the company introduced by one of the franchise’s owners in 1963, you can assume it’s market presence by that in 1973, 96% of the American kids are familiar with the icon more than the name of their president. So it was popular more than a president!

By creating a unique character you also can make your brand foreknown.

Catchy slogans:

Look for the Golden Arches! (1960), Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. (1974), You deserve a break today (1971), I’m lovin’ it (2003) catchy slogans and now, social media presence and digital marketing of the company also revolutionized the business growth of a company.

Audience targeted advertising can attract a lot of potential customers.

Experimenting and inventing:

McDonald’s also recognized that there were regional differences in what would be relevant to the culture and food preferences. We can see this in Canada where out east they have lobster sandwiches on their menu and in India; they have more vegetarian and chicken options, Mcveggie, Mccurry plan, Mc salsa wrap etc.

Each year 1800 new menu items get tested evaluated 3 or 4 in their menu items. An invention in production is multiplication in revenue. The menu now has variations according to the region, health that makes MacDonald customer’s taste caring company.

In your business can also be quadrupled by using Experiment to deliver the best strategy.

Employment retention:

Did you know that 40 percent of McDonald’s executives actually began as hourly employees? That’s because the company knows how to grow and retain the talent. McDonald’s then rewards these employees by allowing them to work their way up. It not only increases ROI but also builds a company that is full of talented and loyal employees.

Development and retain skilled manpower is key to be stand out from the competition.

If you are a local business owner or an entrepreneur these strategies can be helpful in making your business scaled, sustainable and profitable.

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