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Simple Hacks to Save Money While Studying Abroad

EduHub Humaira Adil 6 March 2018

The First Trick Is To Be Very Smart To Save Money When You Study Abroad. Keep A Thorough Track Of Where Is Most Of Your Money

If there is one thing inevitable about your finances while you are studying abroad, then that would be the fact that you consistently find yourself running out of it. Studying abroad is not funds-friendly. The truth is that when you go abroad to study you get a little too over whelmed and spend more than you would actually do back home.

This is very normal and studies have found out that the biggest problem that majority of the students face on their venture of studying abroad is mismanagement of money. There seem to be no suitable and workable way to save some bucks. But this only happens when you have not jolted down certain ideas to save yourself and save money from the wrath of going broke in a foreign land.

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Read along and find out some tips on how to save your money and try some exciting adventures with it.

Open a bank account:

The first trick is to be very smart with your money when you study abroad. Keep a thorough track of where is most of your money going and scrutinise each of your expense. Once you know where does the major part of the money goes, you can cut down those expenses and put the money in an online savings account. Try out a particular application to help you with it.

Sell your used books:

One of the major expenses of studying abroad can be the cost of books and stationary. Books in some countries are very costly which can be very painful spending on. The best way to get and save money from this situation is to sell off your old books which you no longer use. The money could be used to buy other books you require. In this way your used expensive books will be of some use rather than getting covered with dust on your shelf.

Use cheap transportation:

If you are getting your masters degree abroad, you already must be spending a lot on your education. O why not save some bucks from your travelling expenses? We do realize how crowded subway and taxi rides can be so tiring and time destroying but they are the best mediums to save money. Go for the cheapest mode of transportation used in the country you are studying abroad to let the rate of your money outflow decreased.

Cut down on your coffee and fast food intake:

Those two things one cannot fathom to live without in a foreign land in seek of education have to be deceptively expensive’ coffee and fast food. As much addicted as one can get to it, it plays a very vital role in flowing off of money from the pockets. One should get themselves accustomed to having cheap food and food made at home rather than satisfying their inner junk food enthusiast.


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