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Taaza Tadka

Scrutiny of 3 Most Famous Logos and What They Connote

We all see dozens of logos everyday. Majority of them are those which we are seeing them for a number of years. Perhaps from our childhood lime Coca Cola and Toyota. But there are enough logos which we see for the first time. Not everyone is a memorable one and I bet you can’t name a more than 2 logos. This logos you remember from the past year related to a new product in the market. One of the reasons for this is there is lack of creativity among the logo designers as they can’t think of a logo that can make heads turn.

I am sure many of my readers are aspiring business leaders of the future. But first they need to think of a logo and business idea to start off their business well. A firm offering exquisite service for custom logo design in Dubai can be the answer for your prayers.

Let me offer you 3 of the best and most memorable logos belonging to random categories that are considered icons.

#1. Adidas:

The famous shoe brand is always considered second fiddle to Nike as the global giant in fitness gear. But if you have been following its business aspects, it has been doing roaring business. Its logo is one of the many factors for which it is really famous. The power, masculinity and stability are the top factors that you can attach with the Adidas logo and that’s why it is a representation of quality product for men all around the globe.

#2. Burger King:

The famous fast food brand has a good presence in Dubai and UAE and everyone is aware of its logo. If you inspect it closely, the logo itself depicts a hamburger evoking hunger and a need to eat the burger as soon as we look at it. The yellow color depicting the burger and the red colored text resembles the patty or sauce makes it irresistible for anyone looking at the logo. I am sure you are also tempted to eat one while reading this!

#3. Disney:

The mouse house is famous for its timeless cartoon characters but Disney is a powerhouse when it comes to film production and a number of merchandize too which it sells in to the tune of billions each year. Its logo is a fun and creative one so that anyone looking at it can see what it is all about. It is a representation of a vibrant company always challenging the norms and looking for what can be termed as really supremacy over rival studios and companies in all products and services it deals in.

Final Word

I am sure that just the 3 examples mentioned above are enough proof for you about the power of a logo through simplistic design and based on minimal colors. A logo design company in Dubai can help you tremendously if you are trying to get a logo which can become a memorable one just like the ones mentioned above.