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Voice of Innovation : India’s largest innovation contest By Repos Energy

India's fastest-growing energy distribution startup Repos Energy is organizing a nation-wide contest called Voice of Innovation.
Business Startup komal yadav 8 December 2020
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India’s largest innovation contest ‘Voice of Innovation’ calls out for ideas leading to a sustainable India .

India’s fastest-growing energy distribution startup Repos Energy is organizing a nation-wide contest called Voice of Innovation. VOI is a one-of-its-kind hunt that invites innovative minds from across the country to present their idea or a product which is inspired by innovation to create a sustainable future for all. 

Backed by Ratan Tata, Repos has always followed the philosophy of saying ‘Yes’ to the endless possibilities that the world has to offer. And innovation being one of their biggest ladders of success, this contest will offer a huge platform to people from any walk of life who believes in thinking out of the box and creating something that will save the world from the rising carbon footprint.

The idea behind starting Repos and the systematic energy distribution grid for doorstep diesel delivery was their first step towards reducing the carbon emissions caused by the rising number of vehicles in the roads. Their biggest innovation in form of the mobile petrol pump actually was developed so that a load of heavy vehicles on the road could be curbed. 

Says Aditi Bhosale Walunj, co-founder, Repos, “Creating the necessary infrastructure to support renewable energy is the need of the hour for a developing country like India. Doorstep diesel delivery is just the first step in our quest for a green tomorrow. To encourage this fact, we are bringing this innovation contest, which will boost the idea of a sustainable future across India. The contest will have participants across India to showcase their innovative ideas and invention which can change the world. It is a platform for entrepreneurs who have a creative idea which can take our country towards a sustainable future.”


If you think, your idea is innovative enough to help India drive towards a sustainable future, this platform is for you. A place where your spirit of entrepreneurship can showcase your ideas and inventions to help make a difference for humankind.


  • A Chance to win Rs 3 Lakhs!
  • Certificates for Top 50 Innovators
  • A day with Repos Founders including a visit to our innovation factory (Flights & Accommodation taken care of!)
  • Mentorship for your Business Model


Entries will be invited from across India. Top 50 innovations will be shortlisted and move ahead to the next stage. The Final Round will include the Top 8 Innovations.

Entries are open till 25th December 2020.