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Narendra Modi, A Great Prime Minister Or A Superb Business Man?

Some Says, Modi Is The Best Prime Minister For India, Whereas Some Says That He Is Doing Business In The Name Of Prime Minister-Ship And Is Playing With
Blog Manasi Agrawal 2 May 2017

India is the most versatile country around the globe, with more than 200 languages being spoken, 9 religions practised.

It is the seventh largest country and second most populous, with 29 states and 7 union territories, over 1.2 billion people and 3.287 million km2 of area.

India is not an easy place to govern, since independence it has been a developing country and every leader and citizen of India dreams it to be a developed one.

India had 14 prime ministers and the current 15th Prime Minister is Narendra Damodardas Modi, he has emerged as one of the greatest leaders of India, loved by all.

People respects him, and follow him, he works all day and night with a single dream that is to see India as a developed nation.But as every leader, he is also criticised and a lot of allegations are put on him,

And the biggest Questions that is being raised now a days is Modi a great Prime Minister or a superb businessman ?

Many views come up regarding the same. Some says, Modi is the best prime minister for India, whereas some says that he is doing business in the name of prime minister-ship and is playing with the citizen, of India.

As everyone, I too want to give my view on the same, first I would like to properly define the term businessman “Businessman is a person who works in,Commerce on an executive level”

I think that, Modi is that leader of India who knows how to do his business. He knows how to use people’s commerce and how to execute it on an executive level.

By the word businessman, I mean that he works using people’s commerce and he know what to do, when to do and how to, for the betterment of the country, he always take steps for India’s development,but he too is questioned on his every steps.

For example, if we take his steps of demonetisation. Many people liked the steps and supported him, but on the other hand there were people who condemned him for the step and claimed that it was not planned.

But it was not so, he knew that in future for India’s development he will have to take this step, that’s why he started ‘Jan-Dhan Yojana. So that everyone have their bank accounts and he too worked on everyone’s Aadhaar Cards, so that people don’t’ face any problem in future.

I mean to say that he is a very well-planned leader, who wants India to develop and to make it a digital India,

So, at last I just want to say that he is a great-great Prime Minister who is superb in his business, i.e. developing the nation.