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MBA in Supply Chain Management – The Next Big Thing!

EduHub hrrsamuel 7 January 2019

It’s the talk of the old days when only specializations like Finance and Marketing ruled the list of top MBA courses. Nowadays, the demands of industry have diversified and so have the MBA specializations. Supply chain management courses, for instance, are acquiring a unique status in the field of education.

The emergence of e-commerce sector is one of the leading factors that is driving the demand of professionals with in-depth knowledge of Supply Chain Management (SCM). Thus, top universities like UPES have launched MBA in Supply Chain Management to help interested candidates get advanced training and become future leaders.

Now, all these can raise questions like what are the reasons which make supply chain management courses the next big thing. If you are also bothered by such thought, we’ll suggest you read further and gather every detail.

 Reasons to Choose Supply Chain Management Courses

High Demand

There’s no doubt to the fact that logistics sector is the backbone of a country’s trade growth. Moreover, now that the world has turned into a “global village”, SCM and logistics have become more important than ever. As per some reports, the logistics industry is set to cross the $2 billion mark by next year. To cater to the needs of this expanding industry, demand for high-end professionals will surge rapidly in the coming years. Individuals with an MBA in Supply Chain Management will undoubtedly be the preferred choice for leading big companies.

Global Opportunities

SCM is a global phenomenon. The logistics hubs are spread across big cities like London, Los Angeles, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo, to name a few.This means that candidates with an MBA in Supply Chain Management will not just get the chance to work for big names within the country but abroad as well.

Generous Pay

Well, you can’t ignore this one. Jobs in the supply chain are typically financially rewarding. The salary can even go on looks if you crack the right interview. Apart from this, there are always abundant opportunities for growth and advancement. However, your college and degree matter a lot when it comes to salary. Therefore, try to pursue the course from a reputed college.

Diverse Roles

Once you have completed your MBA in Supply Chain Management, you will have diverse roles to choose from. Some of the options available include Procurement Analyst, Business Analyst, Logistics Manager, Purchasing Manager, Distribution Manager,Operations Research Analyst,    Supply Chain Manager, Director of Operations, Procurement Manager and the list goes on.

About the Course

When it comes to understanding the course, you need to first look at the term logistics and supply chain. While the former explains the delivery of products, supply chain refers to the flow of goods and services starting from a supplier with the final destination being the consumer.

During an MBA in Supply Chain Management, students are trained with the in-depth knowledge and understanding if the multiple facets of this sector.

Important topics that are covered during the course include:

  •   Business Communication
  •   Accounting in Logistics & Supply Chain Sector
  •   Logistics Planning & Strategy
  •   Financial Management in Supply Chain Industry
  •   Global Supply Chain & Logistics Management
  •   Legal & Safety Issues in Supply Chain Sector
  •   Total Quality Management
  •   Lean Supply Chain Management

After the completion of the course, students can go for an internship to get a real-time experience of the industry. Getting placement is also not a tough task if you pursue the course from top colleges across India. Industry leaders like Amazon, FedEx Express, DHL, Blue Dart offer amazing job opportunities to fishers as well.


It is no rocket science to recognize that the world’s economy is globalizing at a rapid pace, and this has eventually given new wings to SCM & Logistics sectors. The industry is all set for a huge boom in the coming years. And as this change has not been around for more than a decade, there’s an acute shortage of right talent.Thus, individuals who begin their career in this sector now will reap fruits of success.