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Learn About USB Type C and Embrace the Future

Gadgets trudyseeger 5 June 2018

Earlier, when you used to take a look at any laptop, there were various ports available on each side that supported USB, power, HDMI connections and so on. With the announcement of USB type-C port, the connectivity standard has shown what the future of USB and connectivity can be. Global laptop manufacturers such as Apple, HP, Dell, and Asus are consistently working to make this feature available at the expense of the previously different ports. Based on the concept of Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1, the type-C port often requires a support of a USB type-C hub.

The future is already looking promising and for a very good reason, owing to the fact that Apple has opened the doors for USB type-C in its recent MacBook series. In order to ensure high functionality, you need to look for USB-C hub for MacBook Pro, but given the numerous benefits, it is comparatively nothing. Read on this guide and discover how USB type-C is going to be the connectivity standard in future laptops.

What Is USB type-C?

The idea behind the introduction of USB type-C is nothing complicated; in fact, it was designed to make things simple. Think like this – you have one type of port, you have a single type of cable that enables you to connect anything and everything to make your work easier on the laptop. From hard drives, monitors to charging your laptop, the USB type-C is definitely the ultra-modern standard of connectivity as of now.

USB type-C streamlines connection of multiple devices and peripherals and also supports the reversible connection feature, which means now you can connect easily by eliminating the orientation problem.

Speaking of the design, the USB type-C is actually a smaller version compared to its previous USB counterparts. Designed symmetrical and reversible, the USB type-C is befitting for your device, ensuring optimum comfort level.

Benefits of USB Type-C:

The future promises of more additional benefits, however, these are the current advantages users avail with the Type-C version of USB:

  • Faster Data Transfer

Based on the concept of USB 3.1, the USB type-C has two versions, namely Gen 1 and Gen 2. While the Gen 1 promises of delivering 5 Gbps imitating similar speed as the USB 3.0, the Gen 2 version ensures the delivery of 10 Gbps.

  • More Compact

The concise size and flexibility of the port are going to be a common inclusion in most upcoming laptops that focus on sleek and ultra-slim design. Tech gurus also predict that Android smartphones like the Google Pixel will keep developing the future versions of this connectivity standard. If you are wondering how one single port can ease your work, connecting an external USB type-C hub is apparently the best and ideal solution.

  • More Powerful

Power charging is the key feature of USB type-C, as it can furnish up to hundred watts of power to the connected devices. Charging your laptop and other devices is now no more a big deal, thanks to the USB type-C. Besides, this latest connectivity standard also boasts of delivering 4K resolution video and can carry audio to the monitors as well.


Finally, there is more to come in the future for USB type-C and this is just the beginning of it. Hopefully, you now have a brief understanding of what USB type-C is and how it can streamline your laptop experience.



Trudy is a Business Tech Analyst. Currently he is working on USB-C hub for MacBook Pro. He is very responsible towards his job. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.