Know 5 Unconventional but Excellent Career Choices

Know 5 Unconventional but Excellent Career Choices

If we look around us, we will find that young generation is very energetic and believes in taking unconventional choices. They like attempting new things and exploring excellent career choices apart from regular ones like Banking, Engineering or Medical only.

If we check data of JEE and NEET, we would find that number of aspirants are increasing but at the same time we can also read or hear stories of young entrepreneurs or successful life of any relative in the career about which we have never thought of. It simply means all are thinking ‘out of the box’ and believing in doing what they love to do instead of just following traditional path. We can find students of engineering and medical or students preparing for government exams and at the same time we can see a handful of students who are selecting a different path.

Unconventional but Emerging Career Choice


Here, we are talking about those 05 unconventional but emerging career choice which can give bright future prospects to youth of India. Simple reason of writing this article is spreading awareness. As a big number of students and parents are not aware about these career choices and probably, it may help them to decide their future plans to join course after finishing board exams of class 12th.

Let’s start with those unconventional career choices one by one.

Event Management

This is about showing your execution skills ‘live’ without any dress rehearsal. An event may be a small birthday party, wedding, business conference, sports event, political event or organising a start night. Event Management is good for those who have good organisational and networking skills.

You can find several diploma or certificate courses but we would suggest you to go for integrated MBA degree course. Degree course serves in long term. After finishing degree course in Event Management you would get ample job opportunities in India and abroad. Work for few years with any established company and after that any event manager can opt for own start up.


Photography is for those who are creative by nature and loves to catch moments in their surroundings. Taking good ‘selfie’ is not photography. A photographer looks at object from different angle. If you feel that you love colours and visuals attract you, you may choose a course in Photography.

Photography comes under ‘Fine Arts’. In India, several diploma courses in Photography are running and various university offers degree in fine arts or photography.

These programmes will teach several technical things like lighting, angles and hardware related photography. You can choose Fashion Photography, News Photography, Commercial Photography, Candid Photography etc. It is always advisable to join someone as an associate or as an intern to learn in initial phase of career. Later on, one can go for starting own studio.


Online Journalism is an emerging field and media houses are always in search of a skilled journalist who can present all angles of any news. If one has skill of writing or having good presentation skill, must join a course in mass communication or journalism.

There is dearth of good content writers and news anchors. Upcoming new channels and online news portal are badly in search of a talented person and offer a well-paid career to eligible candidates.

Foreign Language Courses

If anyone has interest in learning new language, he should definitely join an institution to learn any foreign language like Spanish, Japanese and French etc.

MNCs are opening their office around the world and they want to overcome language barrier with the help of translator or interpreters. Command over any language can give you one descent job. Not everyone will go for this career choice therefore candidate will face less competition.

Joining Indian Army

If anyone is adventures by nature but at the same time want to have a secured job to give a good life to his family. He should join Indian Army. After 12th one can appear in NDA exam to join National Defence Academy. UPSC releases NDA forms twice a year to conduct NDA exam.

Selected candidates of NDA not only get opportunity to get graduation from a reputed central university. In fact you also get trained to join job after completion of course. One assured job, decent pay package, government facilities and reputation in society, what else one want.

This is not the end of unconventional career choices. We have covered only five here and will come with more in next part. Always keep in mind that success doesn’t come only by choosing any unconventional path or course but by harnessing skill up to excellent level.

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Kabil Bano, Saflata Jhakk Markar Pichhe Aayegi


Author is a Career Counsellor with experience of 20 years. She is associated with various Engineering & Management Institutes. She is approached by aspirants of competitive examinations like UPSC, JEE, NEET, NDA Exam and IBPS Exam etc.