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Key Things All Investors Look for in a Digital Startup

Building a successful digital startup is akin to buying your first car as a teen. Startup owners should be honest about their plans.
Key Things All Investors Look for in a Digital Startup

Building a successful digital startup is akin to buying your first car as a teen. You needed a vehicle to get to school but you weren’t handed one on a silver plate; you had to earn it on your own.

In the same seam, anyone will be likely to be facing all these challenges at many points in the lifecycle of a digital product, especially during its initial years. 

Communicating how you plan to address each identified snag and difficulty is the only way to win over investors.

As much as anyone plans, they will still run into the occasional mystery and that is fine. Exhibiting business acumen, perseverance, and problem-solving skills in the face of adversity helps you hone your skills as a professional. Plus it is something investors like to see as they are quite familiar with the ordeals involved in moving from an idea to a viable business.

Keeping this in mind, this article will help some of the key details that need to be present for investor confidence to be raised. It’s not just numbered as it also involves a lot of facts too.

Preparing the pitch deck and financials for the digital startup

Hard numbers and hard data still remain a part of business reporting. A lot of digital startups tend to lose money in the beginning and this can go on for years before they end up getting closed. The most important part is that individuals can lay out their plans sensibly.

The idea of this point is that the startup business created by any individual is like a slingshot. Here, the owners first pull their ammo away from the target before launching it at the needed speed and trajectory.

Call it a gamble of sorts, it is either a hit or a miss. No one likes to miss and if anyone shoots to miss, they should do it again to hit the target. Everyone desires to score a bullseye but not everyone gets to score a bullseye.

Furthermore, no startup owner should be expecting investors to share their momentum and enthusiasm about the product all the time. Why? Because only some shareholders might be excited about the product and the idea behind it, individuals who are financially astute will be more than interested in the earning potential of that product and how startup owners plan to reach that point.

Hence startup owners must make sure that they put together something that resembles a modern pitch deck. Most professionals say that 15 slides of dense yet readable material are the objective and the more visual it is the better it is.

No financials need to be detailed in the startup owner’s deck accordingly. Though some stones cannot be overturned unless and until they are within reach, it will be important to communicate the strategy for unknown factors either in the deck or in the supplementary material. This too depends on the potential impact of the perceived issues in the business’s early days.

Key things investors look for a digital startup

Not every startup owner is able to achieve a feat like that of Uber and Spotify, and grow into a cultural icon in spite of years of no profit. Startup owners should be honest about their plans and expectations at various plateaus. 

Here are some of the things that will help add more detail to a startup owner’s strategy by painting a much more surreal picture of how all elements come together in forming a unified image, as determined by management executives at well known mobile app development companies situated in and around Phoenix, Arizona:

  • How good have the previous funding attempts been?
  • Who is part of StartUp’s management team?
  • Is StartUp in the right industry and catering to the right audience?
  • It’s traction level.
  • The StartUp’s advantage over the competition, if any.
  • It’s the main advantage over the existing competition.
  • The product vision and the roadmap.
  • The ‘X’ Factor.

These are the factors investors look for when it comes to a startup. It is a simple fact to understand that no investor wishes to waste their money on a project that will fail.

Aamir Akhter

Aamir Akhter

Aamir Akhter is an experienced digital marketer and a software engineer specialist who is currently associated with Branex company, as a senior digital marketer and brand strategist.