Will Donald Trump Support IT Sector Of INDIA ?

After winning of Donald Trump (president of USA) in India IT Industries very Worried that,

Will Donald corporate like Previous president or not For IT Sectors?

Previously both country were dealing very smoothly but now all are worried regarding bussiness of IT sector. But Viewed of IT head are different.

Views are following ;

B.V.R. Mohan Reddy, former chairman of NASSCOM and founder and Executive Chairman of Cyient, said. That “We look forward to working with him and his administration to advance our two nations’ shared interests,”

He also said that “Contrary to some misconceptions and political rhetoric, India’s IT sector has long contributed to the US economy in more ways than one,”

He also pointed that IT of India has help USA It company making more effective and efficient in developing new technology. Job growth also. And most is US economy too. “Thus we hope that, as the rhetoric of the presidential contest fades into the past, the Trump administration will make mutually beneficial trade with India a high priority, and will take a balanced approach to high-skilled visas and the contribution of India’s IT sector to the US economy,”

Ramesh Loganathan, Vice-President, Products, and Managing Director, Progress Software India. Said that “Even as there was no upfront indication of the outcome, and thus a surprise, personally I don’t think this will affect the IT industry in anyway. US has always been a business friendly country, and more so the Republican Party,”

he also said that “Businesses in the US significantly benefit from engaging with the Indian IT industry. Added to that, in recent years the industry has been steadily working towards higher value services, IP creation and products. This also helps in ensuring continued engagement,”

Ajay Kolla, founder and CEO of leading job portal wisdomjobs.com is said that “While there were certain promises made by Trump during the election campaign, it remains to be evaluated as to how many will be implemented,”

He also said that “In any case, three things that go in favour of the Indian IT industry is its cost effectiveness, superior domain knowledge and availability of quality talent.” Considering these, it won’t be an easy decision for companies in the US to ignore

After Knowing of all IT Sector Heads view IT Industries are now sure that new president Donald Trump Will handle It Sector Business In effective manner .And he will also give proper support to IT Indian Sector Heads and IT business and Job Growth.

Rupanjali Upadhyay
Rupanjali Upadhyay

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