IGNOU Provides Free Education to Transgenders

IGNOU (Indra Gandhi National Open University) 's Prof. Ravindra Kumar, Vice Chancellor of the university made announcement that transgenders

Now transgender people will also be able to get education. Complete their higher studies like normal people. Transgender people whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.

Transgender people face staggering levels of poverty, discrimination and violence. Due to negligence of normal people and society they fall in category of illiterate and remain uneducated.

In IGNOU, transgender people will got free education.

IGNOU (Indra Gandhi National Open University)’s Prof. Ravindra Kumar, Vice Chancellor of the university made  announcement yesterday during his address at the 22nd Prof. G. Ram Reddy Lecture at university headquarters in Delhi.

From this like normal people transgender people were also get free education and job. They have also full authority to live normal life  enjoy there life. But due to society they don’t enjoy there life .

Now, with the help of IGNOU University and court, transgender has got their right.

In February 2016, the Supreme Court of India allowed a challenge to section 377 of the penal code to proceed, referring the case to a five-judge bench. The colonial-era provision, which the court upheld 2013, criminalises same-sex relations between adults.

In June, several well-known LGBT professionals filed a petition in Supreme Court arguing that section 377 violates the right to life and personal liberty, but the Supreme Court deferred petition to the Chief Justice. In August, the government introduced a new bill in parliament on the rights of transgender persons.

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