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Ideas for USA Independence Day Celebration in School – 4th July

EduHub alizagavin 1 July 2018

Don’t we all love the patriotic feel which comes with the Independence Day? It rejuvenates our patriotism, charges us, and motivates us to take the new oath with an aim to help our country flourish. No celebration in America matched with the celebration of Independence Day. With 4th July just around the corner, a new wave of excitement continues to thrive in schools concerning its celebration. To help you with your Independence Day celebration at school, we have listed down few ideas:

  • Idea 1: Banners

With banners, nothing can go wrong. The students can create the banners in the form of chain or triangles and can hang them in the school corridor, classrooms, lunch area and playgroup. These banners can consist of the star-spangled shape or picture and the colors such as red, blue and white to exhibit the colors just as in the flag.

  • Idea 2: Competitions

Various competitions can be held at the school as a part of Independence Day celebration. The participation could be voluntary or not depending upon the interest of the individuals. Competition such as painting on the face, tug of war, arm wrestling, and various kinds of race as well as drawing competition among the students can also take place. These activities will keep the students engaged and their excitement level at peak for rocking their Independence Day celebration. The combination of these activities is sure to make students all pumped up and excited.

  • Idea 3: Patriotic Attire

A dress-up activity can also take place at school. Students can dress up patriotically to demonstrate their patriotism towards the country. The national attire represents the diversity which is rooted in them, which exhibit a sense of embracing the diversity and the changes among the individuals as well.

  • Idea 4: Cultural activities

The school platform can include the various cultural activities for involving music, dancing and singing performances for students to indulge in. The loud patriotic songs can be played to, difference performances can be held, various scenarios from the history of United States can be exhibited through dramas, and students can be asked to represent the different influential history of America. These activities are sure to make the students enjoy to the fullest this independence.

  • Idea 5: Food stalls

Food, just the sound of it has me drooling. With all the activities taking place, students are tired and the question that might be on their mind will be what is in food. Once way to cater to students of their hunger needs is to set stalls and offer a variety of foods, from which they can select according to their need. These stalls generally offer item such as hamburger, apple pie, corn on a cob and more. A twist can also be added such as students can be said to list down the dishes they can bring to the school for Independence Day celebration. Another option is to categorize the students into different groups and each group could be asked to bring one dish along. This will keep the students engaged and of warmth and happiness can be created among the individuals.

  • Idea 6: A movie ride in history

The school can also arrange the screening of the old historical events which took place in the history of independence. The history of how the thirteen states got their independence from British and amalgamated into a single most powerful state. It can also demonstrate scenes and the changes through which county has undergone, to replenish in the students a sense of pride towards the country.


These fun-filled activities are aimed to bring out some of the patriotic spirits in the students. Only 3 days to go for the 4th of July, its time that you get going with your preparing to make the celebration at school amazing and entertaining.




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